Monday, April 2, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I am going to refrain from the typical - 'you like me, you really really like me' type speech and just get down to it!

Destiny from Rockin' Mama gave me the Versatile Blogger Award, now I'm sure you all know what an awesome hooker she is so I think its pretty awesome she thought of me for this award! Thanks hooker!

Here's the deal, the rules are pass on this award to your favorite blogs (15) and spill 7 facts about yourself! But I can never follow the rules 100% so don't be surprised if I don't meet those numbers!

Here are the lovely ladies that will be getting this award from me:

My Vickilicious Life

Clever Pink Pirate

Sneakers over Stilettos

Let Them Eat Cake

Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth

Shary Loves You

Absolute Mommy

The Chunky Goddess

Our Reflection

Lush Lounge

Just Another Blogger Mom

Canadian Domestic Diva

Facts about me!

1. I'm a spender, not a saver.

2. I've never ridden a dirt bike or atv.

3. I hate coming up with 'facts about myself' lol

4. I love french fries, buttercream filled donuts, malibu rum, moscato wine, and cadbury eggs.

There you have it, thanks again Rockin' Mama for this award, xoxo!


  1. Oh, this is really cool! We followed you from the April Blog Hop. We'd love a follow-back. :-)

    wendy & lisa
    earth2body sisters


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