Monday, April 30, 2012

WIW: Wedding Edition

Hello lovelies!

I saw that today is my friend Megan's 7th anniversary (Happy Anniversary Megan!!) and she is hosting a What I Wore: Wedding link up in honor of her anniversary. Now, I have to tell you I have never met a woman who doesn't love to show pictures and share the details of her wedding day so of course I am linking up for this fun event!!

I've already shared some details about our love story previously here and here and probably a few other places lol...

Hubby and I got engaged on Halloween when I was visiting him in Mt Vernon (Iowa). Shortly after we got engaged he asked if we could get married on Leap Day (4 months away at that time) and I said ok. We started planning not only our wedding but also moving him from Mt Vernon to Phoenix. It was a crazy time!

I tried on 5 dresses and I knew THE dress was #2.

Dress Number 1

I loved this dress...until I turned around and saw what the huge bow on the backside did for my backside...NO THANK YOU!

Dress Number 2

I wasn't crazy about the neckline on this dress at first, but loved everything else about it.

Dress Number 3

I really wanted a strapless gown and this was the first of the strapless gowns I tried on. Really pretty!

Dress Number 4

I loved this dress, it had major sparkle and I loved it but it wasn't comfortable at all.

Number 5

I loved this gown but for some reason I kept going back to the 2nd gown. Looking at this gown now, I can't honestly remember what I didn't like about it and I love love love this gown now! haha I wanna get married again so I can wear this one!

Ultimately I picked gown 2 and I loved it and still love it.

Thanks Megan for hosting such a fun link up!!


  1. I remember trying on wedding dresses! SO fun!! I love the one you picked! You both look great! AWESOME pic on the firetruck :)

  2. Love this post!! I love all the dresses and you could tell you didn't like some of them! I remember doing the same thing!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I think Dress 2 is the prettiest too! :) I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend and it was so much fun. Skipped that with my own dress...

  4. new follower! you looked gorgeous!


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