Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2nd Place

Another exciting weekend for us this last weekend. We had state cheer competition after placing 1st at Regionals the week before. We carpooled to Tempe with Hannah's bff.

I don't know what the problem is but my child will not smile a real smile in pictures to save my life these days. Grr.

It was a great competition and their team was one of 5 large squads that competed. Their coach had two teams competing against each other in the large groups and they did the same exact routine. I thought that was kinda strange, but it is what it is. After everyone had competed we were waiting for them to announce the winners for what seemed like forever.

They started announcing 5th place, 4th place and my friend and I look at each other and said, holy crap, that means we placed in the top 3! They announce 3rd place...we are in the top 2! AAHHH!!! Now, neither of Coach Lisa's teams had been announced yet, that means either way she gets 1st and 2nd place! Wow. The announcer says that it was really close, 2nd place was like a half a point behind 1st place. In the end, our team came in 2nd. We of course cried and are so proud of the girls for coming in 2nd at State!

This semester only has one more week before it's over. There will be a one week break and then summer session starts. There won't be any competitions over the summer semester but there will be a recital at the end of it. Hannah is super excited to continue on with cheerleading and I am excited she has found a sport she loves and wants to compete for a while.

I am off preparing for my inlaws who are coming to town for a few days, we are really excited to get to spend some time with them this weekend. Other than that not much going on besides the usual - school is getting out for summer next week, I'm trying to balance everything and am now watching a little girl full time. Lots going on right now it seems! Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Awesome!! Congrats to them!!!! I hope my boys each find something they love doing as they get older!


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