Sunday, August 19, 2012

His & Her Q&A

Hubby and I had so much fun with this one last time, we decided to do it again!

His&Her Q&A

Your house is on fire. What five items do you grab before you leave?
His: Guns, boots, toolbox, safe that my Grandpa built, and my box of knives.
Her: I'm assuming my husband, daughter and dog are not considered 'items', my camera bag, my external hard drives, my laptop, my iPhone and my makeup bags

If you could be/had to be the main character of any movie, who would you be?
His: Santa Claus of the Tim Allen Santa Claus movies!
Her: My husband says 'Lara Croft - that's how you look in my mind' lol, God love that man! My answer would be, Sway from Gone in 60 Seconds (yes, I realize they are both played by Angelina Jolie)! haha

What physical feature do you love most about yourself?
His: My legs and my forearms
Her: My lips and my eyes

Tell us why your name is your name. And if you don't have (or know) an answer, make one up.
His: My mom had a thing for Sean Connery.
Her: There was a girl in my parents school named Christine who was the prettiest girl in the town and they named me after her.

What is the greatest place you've ever traveled to?
His: St Lucia was pretty awesome
Her: St Lucia for sure (our honeymoon!)

Are you a morning person or a night person?
His: Morning.
Her: Night.

Who is someone you wish you were closer to?
His: My siblings.
Her: My little brother and my brothers/sisters in law.

What quality do you have that you hope your kids inherit?
His: My tender heart.
Her: To circle the wagons when you family or friends need you to.

What's your favorite memory with your childhood best friend?
His: The day that I rode the bus home with my friend and was missing for about 4 hours. His mom was making pot roast for dinner and he invited me over so I just went instead of asking my mom if it was ok first.
Her: The after school pizza parties we had every week at Peter Piper Pizza

If you had to move out of the country where would you move to?
His: An island somewhere or Wales.
Her: A Caribbean island. I haven't quite decided which one though. lol


  1. Love these answers! :) hahahaha BAHAMAS ... BEST island(s) ever! LOL ... im bias though!
    love your items that you would grab! I think I would do the same! LMAO

  2. oo i never though of the caribbean! hm.... glad you're enjoying this!


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