Friday, August 3, 2012

My Life Rocks via Instagram

1. mmmm cheesy fries
2. double rainbow in a purple sky after a massive downpour
3. my happy Summer dog
4. my Summer dog laying with my Hannah girl snuggling
5. trying prosecco for the first time - verdict, YUCK
6. Hannah and Monique checking out all the princess stuff at Target
7. my MR in his new glasses - hubba hubba
8. that would be a nail in my tire. thankfully they were able to fix it instead of having to buy a new tire.
9. mama's new specs - ow ow! ;)


  1. Lots of new glasses in the house! You can see!

  2. now i'm hungry, thanks hooker.
    gorgeous sky! diggin' the new glasses thee hubby is rockin' and I hate nails in tires. more money outta the pocket! boo!

    thanks for linking up hooker! love ya!

  3. the cheesy fries look so good! So glad we found eachother on instagram:))

  4. awwww I LOVE instagram! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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