Friday, August 17, 2012

My Life Rocks via Instagram

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1. My handsome hubby sporting his Cornell College wear ;)
2. Can we say hotter than hell?
3. First day of 2nd grade!!
4. Me and my niece hanging out
5. Cheer performance and ranking up ceremony
6. Cheerleaders! Hannah and her 2 bff's Trinity and Monique
7. First day of tumbling for cheer class!
8. Trampoline in tumbling
9. Mama with rollers in her hair! Aaah!! I'm still a hot bitch and I know it ;)


  1. Everytime I see this post I always think to myself...hmmmm i think I might do this next week BUT of course I never do. One day soon, hopefully:)) Its been hotter than hell here too the last week. Finally it cooled down to like 98 or something like that the other day. We are headed to the Phoenix area the end of Sept and I know it can still be hotter than hell that time of year but hoping its a little cooler for us. We are driving with 3 kids!CRAZINESS!!! Ok I am rambling now....hope you have a good weekend!!! Oh and I love the layout:)

  2. What a fun way to look back at your week! Things like this make me wish I had an iPhone!
    Found you over at The Harmon Baby Farm blog hop!

  3. Holy fuck, that's hotter than a unicorns ass!

    and rollers, omg...I just jizzed...thanks...I can now nap a happy hooker lol


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