Monday, November 5, 2012

I Love Me Monday

★Snap a self portrait!
★Create your "I Love" list, post it!
★Come back and link up!
★ Linky will stay live for 2 weeks!
★Next linky party will be December 3rd!
Mark your calendars!

I love...chilly fall days when I can have my house opened up letting the cool fresh air in

I love...blueberry muffins straight out of the oven

I love...Old Navy

I love...colorful jeans even though I don't own any (yet)


I love...road trips with the family

I love...a clean, quiet house

I love...the holidays and decorating my house for them!


  1. your eyes are so pretty! thanks for linking up hooker, you always make me smile!

    I love colorful jeans too! I will be in them soon...I hope lol

  2. Your mascara is killer girl! Love the lashes so much

  3. I love this list! And your eyelashes are AMAZING! Seriously. Are those really real? Wow!


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