Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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I love being photobombed my own daughter LOL

How grown up does she look in that picture? My beautiful baby girl...

Mama getting her drink on with a Barbie cup getting ready to go see Breaking Dawn 2 (all my wine glasses are in a box in storage somewhere! LOL)

Bath day for my Roxy (yes my car has a name, wanna make something of it?! )

Monster High threw up in my cart...

SLEEPOVER!! BFF's, pillow fighting, daddy make breakfast for everyone, a bottle of wine and my wonderwoman cup is how I got through the sleepover alive

Daddy and Hannah building a lego friends kit she got for her bday

Happy 8th Birthday Hannah!!

Gotta document the good hair days, they don't happen very often around these parts!

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  1. Glad to see your back:)) Happy late birthday to you sweet little girl!!! And what a crazy sleepover that must have been but I am sure the girls had a BLAST!!!


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