Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Hannah's first cheer practice. Her and her Bff Trinity are on the Varsity cheer squad together and are so excited!!

It's Time...

I don't usually post about why we only have one child or go into all the struggles we have had with infertility or miscarriage. But today I am going to share a bit about this sensitive subject.

Before I got married I really didn't ever see myself having kids. Then I met my husband and everything changed. While I still didn't want to have kids right away, I started to see a future of having kids. Then we got married and less than 2 months later found out we were expecting our daughter. We were both ecstatic. Scared, but so excited.

Fast forward through a healthy pregnancy and delivery. My doctor put me on birth control pills at my 6 week appointment so we didn't have any oops babies so soon after giving birth the first time. When Hannah was about 6 months old I decided to go off BCP's so that my body would have a chance to get the pills out of my system so that we could start trying for baby #2 anytime.

Over the course of the last 6 years we have been TTC (trying to conceive)without any success. I have irregular cycles so at least part of my infertility stems from that. However my doctor has tried a few times to regulate me through inducing cycles with drugs but never has my doctor suggested I go to an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to have the more in depth testing done to see what is causing my secondary infertility. She has however been suggesting that I'm not getting any younger (gee, thanks for that doc) and that my cycles are just going to keep getting worse the older I get. So she has mentioned every time she sees me that I need to either make a serious effort to get pregnant or start thinking about hysterectomy.

After a lot of serious consideration and conversations with my husband, we have decided to go see an RE. I am nervous and anxious and emotional about this. I can't believe I didn't push for this sooner, but on the other hand not knowing what's wrong exactly is kind of a blessing because I don't have to be faced with the possibility of them telling me there is nothing they can do to fix it.

So, we have made the first appointment with a highly recommended RE in our area and on Valentine's Day will be having our consultation with him. I'm trying to not get ahead of the process and just remember to breathe. I know it's going to be a long road ahead to getting a firm grasp on what exactly has been causing this infertility for 6 years but hopefully we will end up with some answers.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party Time...

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I have this group of friends...we'll call them my 'mommy' friends. We are all moms. We all met through a mommy group we were part of here in Phoenix when our babies were...babies. Now, all of the babies are in school and not really babies anymore. We have all seen each other through really rough times as well as some really great times.

We get together for play dates, family bbq's, birthday parties, Mom's Night Out and Mom's Night In. And last night, we got together to say good-bye to one of us. My girl J is moving to Denver. So, in true Diva fashion we all got dolled up and went out drinking and had some great food.

So J - know that we love you and will miss you terribly. We will miss our play time at the park, our Saturday family dinners, going out for piercings and trips to the adult store (LOL), going out for dinner and drinks and talking for hours. Thank God for texting and facebook! You better come home to visit often and I will learn to love visiting Denver too.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weight Loss Progress...

Happy Saturday loves!

I can't believe I'm in week 5 of my new lifestyle. Working out most everyday, counting calories and just making better choices about what I'm eating and when. I'm making big progress mentally and I'm proud of the progress I've made physically. So, on that note..here are this week's new pictures and stats!

LBs lost - 2
Inches lost - 3

Today is my 'free' day so we had our Saturday morning doughnuts, YUM! I will have a slice of pizza for lunch and tonight I am going out with a group of my girls for Greek. Have a happy and healthy weekend lovelies! Get out and do something fun with a loved one this weekend, you won't regret it!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Confess...


I Confess...I am a little more than excited that Hannah is starting cheer on Tuesday with her BFF

I Confess...I am very proud of myself for working out everyday, even if I can't do as long as I want I at least do 20-30 minutes because that is better than nothin'

I Confess...I am over all the drama going around the blogosphere lately. Let's all act like grown-ups and show some love to each other and quit trying to tear each other down, m'kay pumpkins?!

I Confess...I am so excited for the changes coming up on this here lil' blog o'mine!

I Confess...I may or may not have taken part in another swap for Valentine's Day and I am so excited to ship off my partners goodies!

I Confess...I like The Hunger Games..But I'm not totally engrossed in them like a bunch of other people

What do you have to confess today? Go link up with Mamarazzi!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Critiques...

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I recently took part in a 'blog critique' swap. What is a blog critique swap you might be asking? Well, let me tell you then friends! Kassi and Kayli over at Truly Lovely hosted a blog critique where they matched up each participant with 2 other bloggers to review each other's blogs. We used this format for our reviews.

I got to review two great blogs, Every Day is a New Adventure and Mine For The Making. You should go check them out! The two bloggers who reviewed and critiqued my blog are Kimberly from Lush Lounge and Marci from Stone Cottage Adventures.

I cannot even tell you how helpful their feedback has been! I will be making some changes to my layout and sidebars mostly. I felt they were a bit cluttered and Kimberly and Marci both mentioned that they thought so too. So see, it wasn't all about telling me how fabulous I am...even though there was plenty of praise, there were great suggestions that I plan on taking action on over the next couple of weeks.

I highly recommend taking part in a blog critique if you come across one, really helpful information to have that only people who are unbiased will give you.

On that note, I am off to start figuring out what exactly I am going to change and how! Be happy and healthy today loves!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday MIL

Hello friends, I have some pretty deep emotions going on today and really want to share. I've written a little bit about my Mother-In-Law before here, here and here.

Today is Marilyn's birthday...or was I should say. That means that the 3rd anniversary of her passing is right around the corner. She died 4 days after her birthday. They always say that people tend to die around important dates for some reason. I have always wondered why. In the case of MIL, she held on til her birthday had passed and we had gotten through that and then she passed.

It has been 3 years that she's been gone and every Sunday when we get ready to make our phone call to Sean's dad I think to myself, 'we can't forget to call mom'...and then I realize she's gone and has been gone for a long time. There are still days when I want to call her and tell her about Hannah and the newest thing Hannah has said or done. Hannah was her one and only grandchild and she adored her.

I am so grateful for the time that we got to spend with her the last few months of her life, even if they were clouded with her not being able to remember who were all the time or the constant state of grief we were in knowing she could die at any day really. They were special because we got to spend so much time with her and just really show her how much we love her. She got to snuggle in bed with Hannah almost everyday and watch tv together. Or color, or take walks or watch movies.

I know that MIL is still here in the house with us, yes, my house is haunted and I don't mind a bit. I know that none of the ghosts here are out to hurt any of us or scare us. Just today I was home alone and the house was quiet except for the sound of feet shuffling down the hall from MIL's old room to the bathroom. It was exactly the sound that she used to make when she was alive and would walk from her room to the bathroom. It comforts me to know that she is still here with us. I think it comforts all of us.

So Mom, Happy birthday to you! We love you and miss you terribly!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vivid Dreams

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did. Unfortunately the weekend ended with my baby girl getting sick and throwing up all over the place, but she is feeling better today so I'm sure she will be back at school tomorrow. So that means in the middle of the night last night we spent an hour at least getting her cleaned up and doing some clean up of the floor and stripping the bed and starting those in the wash. Needless to say, this mama didn't sleep much last night and I am super tired today! But I have been spending all day deep cleaning Hannah's room, cleaning the carpet with the big carpet cleaner thingy and finishing washing all of her bedding. This day should be moving a heck of a lot faster than it is if you ask me! haha

Today's topic for the Blog Dare is Vivid Dreams - I don't know about you but I have a lot of dreams and I usually remember them. I have always been like this. I remember when I was a kid I had a recurring nightmare...for years I had the exact same nightmare. I haven't had it in years, but I occasionally still will have that same nightmare. More often than not lately though I will have dreams based on TV shows I watch a lot! LOL

We have the True Blood DVD's and had been watching an episode at night before bed. After a few nights of this, I had a dream that I was IN True Blood! I was a character in the show and was sleeping with Eric (Yes, Please!!).

For the past month or so I have been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix when I work out or when Hubby has to work late at night and Hannah is already in bed. A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was in Gossip Girl. I can't believe I am going to tell you guys this, but in the show I was totally sleeping with Chuck Bass. What the wha?! I can't stand his character! But I was totally sleeping with him in this dream.

My most vivid dream that still creeps me out to this day happened when I was pregnant with Hannah almost 8 years ago. Everyone knows that pregnancy does really weird things to women. All those hormones wreak havoc on our bodies and our emotions and even our minds. For me, I had a dream that my parents and my brother had moved into our 2 bedroom apartment with me and Sean. For some reason, my parents were sleeping in my room in my bed. I went to wake them up and there were rattle snakes everywhere. On every inch of floor and all over the bed. I ran out of the room to find my brother and he was sleeping on the back patio in a sleeping bag and again there were rattle snakes all over the ground and on his sleeping bag. I ran back into the apartment and there were rattle snakes literally EVERY.WHERE. There was not a single space anywhere that didn't have snakes.

Now, before this dream happened, I didn't have a fear of snakes. They weren't my favorite creature but I wasn't creeped out by them. Ever since this dream though I cannot stand the sight of a snake of any kind. They give me the heebie jeebies and I flip the (bleep) out. It was and still is so vivid in my mind even 8 years later that I just can't handle it. LOL

Well I hope I didn't creep y'all out to badly with my snake dream..instead just think on Vampire Eric..or if you must Chuck Bass. ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living Room Re-Do

Hello Lovelies!

This weekend has been a bit of a crazy, chaotic time in our house. We rearranged the living room, which also carried into the dining room a bit. We recently got a new TV for the living room (my first time ever purchasing a new TV but that's a post for another day) and it was delivered the other day. So, hubby got off work early yesterday and we decided to hook up the new TV and to do that we had to rearrange the furniture and take everything off the walls.

I forgot to take 'before' pics, so I just have these after pictures, but we aren't completely done with the re-do yet so there will be more pictures eventually.

The couch was on the wall that the TV is now on and the way we have the room now, it seems SOO much bigger than it was! Shocking how that works.. Anyway, I am wanting to change up the decor in the living room since rearranging and getting the new TV so I wanted to see what y'all think of what my plans are. See all that empty wall space on both the wall where the couch is and the wall with the TV? Yeah, it is so empty it's killing me. This is what I want to do on the wall where the couch is...

I have a french door in the garage that needs some sanding and painting and then I plan to clean up the window panes. I need to find the pictures I want to put in the panes to use as a frame and then I can hang that on the wall over the couch. But I really love this idea.

As for what I want to do on the wall where the TV is, this is where I need the most help. I love crayon art and think it would look really 'cute' but I'm in my mid-30's and is 'cute' really what I want for my living room? I want something more sophisticated but don't know exactly what...

I also really love the look of these and would love to have something like these in my living room...

My other issue is the other wall that is the entry from the dining room into the living room. There is a cable and a surround sound speaker on this wall and I would like to paint just that wall a darker color to sort of help the cord and speaker to blend into the wall. I'm leaning towards like a dark grey color like this...

We are also thinking of painting the other two walls (TV and Couch walls) just on the bottom half with this same color and putting a chair rail type thing in the middle of the wall and leaving the tops of the walls the light color they are now. See, I need lots of help! What would you do with this room?

Have a great evening lovelies!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weight Loss Progress...

Happy Saturday lovelies!

I hope you've all had a fantastic week and that you are getting to spend your weekend doing fun, healthy things with your loved ones.

I had a great week both physically and emotionally. I ate really well and did something to sweat every day. I did decide to make a change though as far as the plan I am following to lose weight. I had joined Weight Watchers last year and had great success. This time around I was not having the same success both on the scale and in the meetings. The leader this time is different than my last time around and this leader just didn't inspire me. Several of my friends have been talking about using myfitnesspal.com both online and the app so I decided to give it a try. If I liked it I would cancel WW and just use myfitnesspal (which is FREE btw). So Monday was a holiday and both Hubby and Hannah were off so we spent the day shopping and eating out. Not always a great combination but we made healthy choices for lunch and dinner, we walked a lot and I used myfitnesspal on my iPhone. I was in love with it from that first day. I find it so much easier to understand and track than WW and the whole concept of counting calories and exercise makes more sense to me than having to figure out what the points plus value is for every food and exercise.

Since I started on myfitnesspal last monday I have dropped several pounds, many inches and I have found my stride in tracking and exercising. So, here are the week's progress pictures and stats.

LBS lost - 4
Inches lost - 14.5 (!!!!!)

I don't know if you all can see the difference from week one to week 4, but I can definitely see a change in my body in these pictures. I have a long (long long long) way to go, but I am focusing on this one day at a time and I am seeing results. I am FEELING the results, in my attitude, my confidence and in my body.

Go out and be healthy loves!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Nail Files

The Nail Files

It's time for another week of The Nail Files with Tara and Vicki. You know this girl won't be missing a week of mani/pedi's! So here is this week...I have been feeling the dark colors lately so I went with Essie's Carry On and a Sinful Colors dark purple glitter (just on my ring finger on each hand). I love the little bit of extra sparkle it gives.

Go get yo' mani/pedi on and link up with these girls!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Cried So Hard...

Hello lovelies! I was thinking about today's topic for the Blog Dare - the last time I laughed so hard, I cried. I can't remember the exact circumstances of the last time this happened, but it happens to me all the time.

The one time that I absolutely remember so vividly of this happening happened several years ago. I was pregnant with Hannah and we were over at my parents house for a Sunday night dinner. I think I was about 5 months along. We had finished dinner and were just sitting around the table talking and telling stories. At this point in time I was still a newlywed, so there were a lot of stories being told with the families still getting to know all the history of each other.

I don't remember who started telling the story, but we we started talking about this one time when I was a teenager in Sacramento. We had some friends that we were helping to move. All the ladies were scrubbing and cleaning inside the house while the men were doing things outside or painting inside. The brother in law of these friends of ours had been painting and went to the kitchen to rinse off his paint brush. After he got all the paint rinsed off he was headed outside. He goes walking through to the back sliding glass door...I think you know where this is going...and WHAM! Slammed right into the CLOSED sliding glass door and bounced off it leaving a trail of water from the paint brush all over the freshly cleaned sliding glass door.

At this point of my parents retelling this story to my new husband, I am seriously dying of laughter. Now, when I laugh I LAUGH. My whole face turns red, I can't breathe, people start laughing AT me instead of with me. So I am 5 months pregnant, laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes straight when all the sudden I start sobbing. Absolutely sobbing, tears streaming down my face - ugly cry, sobbing. It was like within .2 seconds of laughing hysterically that I shifted to sobbing and I am not exaggerating when I say this, I bawled for 4 hours straight after that. Damn pregnancy hormones. And to top it all off, I peed my pants when I was laughing/crying so hard at my parents house. Again, damn pregnancy.

I hope y'all got a chuckle out of this as much as I do remembering it now almost 8 years later.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to be a BFF

I recently was given the chance to read this new book, How to be a Best Friend Forever by Dr. John Townsend. I grabbed at the chance to review this book because I know the importance of my own BFF's and I believe we should always be striving to grow and deepen our relationships. Dr. Townsend gives many examples from his own relationships and has great tips for not only strengthening your current relationships but growing relationships with 'friends' into 'best friends'.

I have been blessed with a great group of what I call 'core' friends. These are women I have known for years in some cases and in others only a few months. However, I know that if I need anything I can lean on any one of them and vice versa. A couple of the closest friends I have ever had are my oldest friends...the inner circle if you will. But they are no more important to me than the friends I have only known for 5 or 6 years or less. They have just experienced more of my life with me than the 'newer' friends have.

I met my BFF C when were seniors in high school. We met through the youth group at church. I was the new kid, had just moved back to Phoenix from Sacramento and we started going to this huge church. I was really outgoing, but I was shy at church. Fortunately for me there were some really great girls in the high school group who came right up to me and included me from the very first Sunday I attended. I am still friends with those girls almost 20 years later. C and I, it would seem to the outside world have nothing in common and would probably not be very good friends. But we actually have many things in common. We both love to read, scrapbook and do crafty things, watch movies, shop and cook together. One of my very favorite things about my relationship with C is that every week for the last at least 10 years, we get together for dinner and just hang out.

Since I got married and had a baby C usually comes to my house for our BFF night as they have come to be known. We will cook dinner together and then settle in and watch tv and talk and tell each other stories of our week and how our families are doing. It is the highlight of my week a lot of the time. I have come to rely on BFF night to help me keep my sanity when my daughter is driving me insane. I count on my time with C and knowing that no matter what else is going on in life, my relationship with C is a constant.

So, every Tuesday night you can find me laughin' it up and remembering the good times we have had and making lots of new memories together. Like the time we took a road trip from Phoenix to Dallas with 2 of our other friends to visit another friend who was in med school in Dallas. That was an interesting trip to say the least. Or the time it took us 2 hours to make a salad. lol Or how C would spend time with me when I was a caregiver to my dying MIL and GMA who was bipolar. C has seen me at my very worst and yet, she still loves me and makes time in her busy week to come spend her Tuesday nights with me and now my family too.

My hope is that all of you have your own 'C' in your life and that you take the time to make sure each of you are celebrating your friendships because they are some of the most important relationships we will ever have. ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I heart Tattoo's

I'm linking up with Raven for her I ♥ Tattoo's link up today!

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

I have three tattoo's right now, with like a bazillion more I want to get. Tattoo's ain't cheap people! Today I'm going to show you my newest tattoo and I think it's pretty self-explanatory!

This is on my left ankle (and yes, that area does hurt to tattoo!). I got it about 2.5 years ago now. It is my daughter's name with her birth date and stars. I have a plan to get stars all over my back starting at my neck and going all the way down my spine of differing sizes and colors with stardust around them. Hopefully I can get started on that in the next month or so. Other than that my hubby and I are getting matching tattoo's, probably some sort of Celtic design and I am getting mine on my inner wrist. There are so many more I want to get that it's hard to name them all!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion

I love the Golden Globes for the fashion alone. Here are my top looks of the night!

Sophia Vergara

Elle McPherson

Mila Kunis

Debra Messing

Stacy Keibler and George Clooney

Reese Witherspoon

Yo Gabba Gabba...

Today's topic - Why I hate Yo Gabba Gabba.

When my daughter was younger, we would watch the Noggin network that is now Nick Jr or something I think. At first it was just the usual Dora, Diego, Max & Ruby (don't even get me started on that one!). Then they introduced this new show, Yo Gabba Gabba! I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork every time I even heard that it was coming up next.

For the longest time Hannah wasn't even interested in Yo Gabba Gabba, SCORE! I wouldn't have to listen to 'There's a party in my tummy...so yummy so yummy...' Unfortunately as time went on and she got bored with the same Dora and Diego and M&R episodes she asked if she could watch YGG. Well, I said she could watch one episode to see what we thought. To my utter dismay she liked it. Ugh..really kid?

I don't know exactly what it is about this show that annoys the hell out of me, it just does. Don't you have anything like that? You just don't know why something irritates you, it JUST DOES? For me, that is YGG. Thankfully she never got really into it and only watched it a handful of times, but that was more than enough for me to build up a hatred of all things YGG.

Now that she's older I have developed a strong dislike of other shows. Shows like Shake It Up. Or Kickin' It. So help me...

a mom blog community

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 365 - Day 14

A book I'm reading, recommended by a good friend!


So I've been back on Weight Watchers for 2 full weeks. I would say I've been pretty successful. I have tracked every single thing I eat or drink. I have exercised. I have eaten really healthy good foods. And then I went to Mom's Night In last night and ate and drank things that were not the greatest for me (especially the night before a weigh in) but I am not going to stop going out with my friends just because the scale might not reflect the hard work I put in the rest of the week.

I admit, I did sleep right through my alarm this morning to get up for my early WW meeting, but I got up and got myself ready and went to the second one they have on Saturday's. The progress I have made is not on the scale this week. It is in my attitude. I knew the scale wouldn't be kind this morning and instead of just skipping the whole thing this week from oversleeping and knowing I would show a gain, I got up and I went anyway. That to me is a HUGE success!

Here are my stats and photos for this week:

Inches lost - 2
Pounds lost - up .8

Our topic this week is Planning, do you plan your meals? What do you do to help yourself get through the week making the healthiest choices you can make?

My goal for this week is to stick to my menu plan and if I'm going to be out and about to plan on bringing good snacks so I don't get in trouble with being hungry and then just picking some junk food instead of pre-planning and making a healthy decision.

Go get out and do something good for your health!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nail Files {2}

The Nail Files

I'm linking up with Tara and Vicki again for the Nail Files. I did a pink and sparkle mani/pedi this week. I used the Sally Hansen Professional Salon Manicure pink polish and a Sinful Colors Professional pink sparkle. I forget the actual names of both of them and to be honest I'm too lazy to go look right now! hahaha