Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday


Welcome to Dirty Secret Saturday hosted by the lovely Lena of Mom2MemphisandRuby and the lovely Megan of AbsoluteMommy and of course, moi. We have teamed up to bring you a monthly linky party we like to call…Dirty Secret Saturday! We will be hosting this on the last Saturday of each month so make sure you save up your dirty secrets for us and then be willing to spill them all here!

Here are the Rules:

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It’s time to come clean ladies and gentlemen (if there are any men reading this!). What are your Dirty Secrets that you have been keeping, hoping that no one would find out?! Spill it! There is no judgement here. I’ll even start off!

My dirty secrets aren't very dirty this month...I need to up my game or something! haha

I shaved my legs today for the first time in about 2 months. Yep, I'm one of those women that doesn't shave unless its absolutely necessary! I'm sure my husband will appreciate getting in bed with me tonight and finding I have shaved my hairy legs. teeheee

I love my daughter with every fiber of my being, but girlfriend needs to start staying in her own bed. I'm all for being close to your child and making them feel safe and loved and if that means co-sleeping for your family - cool. It meant co-sleeping for my family while Hannah was little but now we can't stop it! I am ready to sleep through the night again and not have 7 year old legs and feet and arms all over me all.night.long.

I really hate that Hannah and I have to eat so much earlier than Sean on days he works til 7pm. I have to make us dinner and most of the time instead of just making something and then keeping a plate warm for him...I will fix something easy for Hannah and then when he gets home make something for the two of us. Annoying.

I get annoyed easily. I mean, really easily. Like if I'm doing something and my husband or daughter says 'hey mama'...I am annoyed. Not like ready to kill someone annoyed, but more like - ugh, what now? Can't I finish something I started without being interrupted 12 times kind of annoyed.

That's it, those are my dirty secrets for today! Join the fun and link up!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I Confess...


Ahh, one of my favorite times of the week - Friday Confessional! We have made it through another week friends and now its time to get out and enjoy the weekend! What are your plans? We (when I say we, I really mean hubby) are having a yard sale at least tomorrow morning, don't know about Sunday yet. See, I hate actually having a yard sale. I don't mind the prep before hand, I don't mind helping to setup...I just hate the actual selling part. So Hubby has been asking to have a yard sale for months and finally I just said listen I will help you set it up and get ready for it but I am not sitting outside with you to sell our crap. I will go run errands or clean the house or pretty much do anything else. lol. So hubby is having a yard sale, wish him luck - we have lots of crap to purge out of this house!

Anyway, enough of that and on to my confessions!

I testing for the fertility stuff is all complete! Woohoo! I had the last test on Monday and that was almost exactly like the HSG except they use saline and ultrasound to see the uterus and what condition it is in. Good news is that my uterus looks great, no fibroids or polyps or anything he could see that would prevent implantation. Hooray! I go on the 9th of April now to discuss all of our other test results.

I Confess...I have totally been slacking on the blogging...again. I feel like I have nothing important to say right now that doesn't revolve around the whole baby thing. And I don't want to bore anyone with that all the time!

I Confess...we are hopefully going to become a 2 car family again within the next month or two and I am so stinkin' excited! We have been a one car family for 2 years now and while its great we haven't had a car payment, gas for only one car, insurance for only one car...I hate being stuck at home a couple of days a week and I really don't like having to figure out how my daughter is getting to/from school on those couple of days a week. It gives me such anxiety! I am going to be watching a friends daughter and hopefully from doing that we will have enough extra income to easily make a car payment,gas, insurance. Hooray!

I Confess...I have some awesome things planned for April here on the blog and I am so excited about them!

I parents are going through some tough times right now and I hate to see them so down. I wish I could do more, but if you are a praying person would you keep them in mind please?

I Confess...if I were to win the lottery right now I would pay off the debts of those close to me so none of us have to live with the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet. I would take all my closest friends on a cruise to the Caribbean! I would also donate a huge portion to charities that are near and dear to me like the American Cancer Society, Hospice of the Valley and local food banks/shelters.

I Confess...I've never bought a lottery ticket in my entire life. Hubby occasionally buys them though.

I is supposed to hit 90° here today for the first time this year and I am so gonna sit outside and soak up that vitamin D for a while!

What are your Confessions? Go link up with Mamarazzi and get your confessions off your chest, you'll feel better I promise!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beauty Before & After

Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying some time outside now that Spring has SPRUNG!

I decided the other day that it might be fun to do a beauty before and know, show y'all my normal everyday beauty routine and what I look like before ...and ah, after. lol

Just trying to keep it real up in here ya know...I know I don't wake up looking glamorous and it takes a bit of work but not too much cuz I'm really not that high maintenance anymore. I used to be really high maintenance before I had used to take me upwards of 2 hours to get myself ready and 3 or more if I was going to curl my hair. That seems crazy to me now! haha

Here we go ladies - Before and After

This is pretty much my go-to makeup for everyday. If I'm going out with the girls, or on a date with my husband I will spice things up and add some fun eye shadow or fake lashes...or both. But let's face it, I'm a stay at home mom...I don't see anyone during the day once I drop Hannah off at school until I go pick her up again in the afternoon. So I really don't go all out for daytime when I'm just at home.

So here are the products I use:

1. Loreal Studio Secrets Primer
2. LORAC tinted moisturizer
3. E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer
4. NYC Color Wheel Blush
5. E.L.F. Translucent Face Powder
6. E.L.F. Eyebrow kit
7. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
8. E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara
9. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Generally I use all of these products everyday, sometimes I change up the gloss color, but literally everything else is the same. What products do you find yourself using daily? I would love to try some new products without breaking the bank so tell me, what are your favorite products?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Is Me...

This Is Me.

This is the REAL me.  This is the me that was so tired I didn't take off my makeup before I went to bed last night.  This is the me that has 2 baskets of laundry waiting to be put away.  This is the me that lives in a tank top and yoga pants almost every day - all day.  

This is the me that tries really hard to be the best wife and mom I can be, yet I fail daily.  This is the me that tries to keep my house spotless but there is no possible way it ever happens for more than one day in a row ;).  This is the me that has so many ideas about things I want to do for others yet I never seem to be able to do most of them for one reason or another (mostly lack of money!).  

This is the real me.  This is who I am without any filters or fronts.  This is who I am when its just me and no one else is looking.  This is the woman I am when I am laying in bed at night and can't sleep because I'm worried about how my daughter will view herself as she gets older and if I am doing enough to let her know she is beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, generous and WORTHY of every good thing she dreams about.

The real me is trying to remember that I am beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, generous and worthy of every good thing I dream about too.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Confessional


I Confess...I had my HSG yesterday and while it was really uncomfortable, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, I did flash my ass unintentionally to some unsuspecting men in the hallway as I walked from the radiation room to the bathroom after my procedure. My gown just flew open and my bare ass was left hanging for all the world to see. Yep. Totally happened. Wasn't funny at the time but now I am choosing to find the humor in that and take solace in the fact that none of those men saw my face so I have nothing to worry about. lol

I Confess...I am ready to jump back on the wagon that I very ungracefully fell off of around Valentine's Day and get back to exercising and really staying within my calories. It has been 6 weeks since I exercised which is totally unacceptable. I made a choice (whether it was subconsciously or not doesn't matter) to not get up and do what I KNOW I need to do for my health let alone to try and get pregnant.

I Confess...I have had multiple dreams that we do get pregnant and I end up carrying TRIPLETS. God help me. I don't know if I could handle that! lol

I Confess...I haven't had a desire to blog lately and I don't like that! I am going to get back to blogging about things that are important to me and things that I love. All this baby / infertility stuff has taken over almost every area of my life and I don't want it to be that way so I am making a concerted effort to change that now.

I Confess...It is almost my furbaby Summer's 2nd birthday! She will be 2 on the 28th so I have to get her some doggie cupcakes or something. Most likely I will hit up Sprinkles Cupcakes for a couple of doggie cupcakes for her.

I Confess...I will probably be chopping off my hair today or sometime this weekend!

Ok, that's it for my confessions this week. Go link up with Mamarazzi and tell her all your confessions, you'll feel better I promise!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Shamrocks...

Wow, I've been in a bit of a bloggers block this week. But I figured there are a few things going on around here so I could at least update everyone on what's been happening!

Last Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so we decided to head to downtown Phoenix for the St Patty's Day parade. I've lived here most of my life and have never been to this parade so I was really looking forward to it. I am of Irish descent so it was about time I went! My desire to find out anything I can about my family history from Ireland was renewed so I am going to be getting back into the whole thing soon.

Hubby had the whole weekend off so after the parade we just hung out at home and watched a movie and grilled some burgers. We all slept in Sunday morning and then Mama got a wild hair and decided to start rearranging the house. We live in a 4 bedroom house and each of the rooms are painted a different color. Our bedroom is a deep green, the toy room is a pastel yellow, Hannah's room is a pastel pink and the guest room is a lighter shade of green. The guest room has become more of a junk room, you know anything that doesn't have a place gets put there and so it was housing boxes, file cabinet, desk, craft stuff...the toy room is more of a big closet for Hannah's overflow of stuff these days so we have decided that we are going to start organizing and getting rid of stuff in hopes that we will need the yellow room to be a nursery soon.

In the process we decided to move Hannah into the green room from the pink room. The green room is much bigger, has a bigger closet and is closer to the bathroom. It was actually a pretty easy process and she adores her new room! I have to admit, I love the way it all pulled together and I don't know how, but it seems like such an older girls room now. lol

Here are some pics of her pink room and now the green room.

See, so much more grown up!! We all love it and now it frees up two rooms in between her room and our room for a nursery or whatever.

Since we are on the subject, I have my appointment scheduled for my hsg on Thursday. Once that is done I have another appointment on Monday to follow up on the hsg. On the 9th of April I have my appointment to go over all of my results from every test I've had done over the last month. I am really looking forward to getting the hsg over with and moving on to the results phase of all of this. I think once we have gotten to that point I will be able to really focus on losing the weight so I can get on clomid come summertime.

I'm just trying to stay sane this week, Hannah is on spring break from school. It's Tuesday and she is already uber bored with herself and me. I think tomorrow I am going to get us out of the house and to a park or something outside for a while. Just a few more days to get

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Confess...


I Confess...I am not at all ready for the next step in the fertility stuff. I have an hsg scheduled for next week and I'm so not looking forward to this. I've heard it's really uncomfortable and I have already been through so many uncomfortable tests I am really just not looking forward to another.

I Confess...I don't mind being around new babies but its the pregnancy announcements that kill me. Not that I'm not sincerely happy for friends who are expecting but its like a dagger in the heart every time another announcement is made.

I Confess...I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed at the thought in a few months time we might be pregnant after trying for 6 years.

I Confess...I am also feeling a tad overwhelmed that I have my daughter all to myself for a whole week for Spring Break. I don't know if both of us will make it out alive.

I Confess...I am totally gonna be livin' it up and celebrating my Irish roots tomorrow for St Patrick's Day!

Got something to confess? Go tell Mamarazzi all about it!

Furbaby Friday

Summer loves her some laser pointer play time, so we had just finished playing and she was waiting for me to pull it back out to play some more!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New 'do...maybe?

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, enjoying all the warmer temps and spring like weather wherever you live. It has been in the low 80's in Phoenix this week and it is gorgeous, however it has also been making my allergies completely unbearable. I am pretty sure an infection has taken up residence in my sinuses and I'm thinking its time to kick it to the curb.

In other news, I am thinking its time for a new 'do! I seriously go through this several times a year, I'm never really happy with my hair. I just got it trimmed with some long layers put in around Valentine's Day and now a month later I hate my hair again. I always have it up in a bun or pony and that is annoying and it just is not cute.

So I want your opinions! I have found a few pictures of celebs with a style I really love, now, all of the styles are basically the same, just a little different but all should work with my hair type (naturally curly). Tell me what you think of these...

Which one do you like the best? See what I mean, they aren't that different so I could probably pull off most of these looks with the right cut. Oh and just for comparison's sake, this is my hair now...It is half way down my back...

Thoughts? Ideas? Have any cuts you really like that you think might work for me? I'm open to any and all suggestions...well within reason ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Sponsor Highlights

It's time for the March Sponsor Highlight! Woohoo! I so love all of my sponsors and I am so grateful they have been so supportive of me and my lil' blog ;) Take some time and get to know these girls and check their blogs out, I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!


Hi I'm Nikki I blog over at Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth.

I'm a 22 year old, part time working, mommy and wife. My husband and I have been married for 2 and a half years now. I met him when he was in the army and we got married married when he came home for R&R on September 1st 2009. We have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Skylee. She's a mess on two little feet. We live in Georgia and we all all things country. If it comes in pink camo I'll buy it. I started blogging about 2 year ago and fell in love. I love all the new people I have met and am so proud to call them my friends. I blog about my life. I love to share pictures of my daughter and our puppy Sookie. I also love to vlog. my youtube channel is I'm slowly becoming famous for my "duck face" pictures. I post way too many of them. I have a link up every Monday to share my duck face picture and I love to see everyone else too. You can also follow me on Twitter xoNikkiDarlin



Hola! My name is Rebecca. I am obsessed with: ♥ Scary Movies ♥ The Tudors ♥ Marie Antoinette ♥ Coach Bags ♥ Blogging ♥ Facebook. The list can go on. I’m a very crafty and creative person, however, I seem to never have the time to do any of that and I wish I did. I have a full time job working as a digital cartographer/graphic artist. I ♥ spending my free time being out at the beach, playing the piano, designing, baking, researching info on my favorite historical characters, shopping, tanning, dancing, painting, singing, watching movies, playing around with makeup. Just being all around girly! I currently live in Florida though I have lived all over the place. Thanks to my mom & dad being in the Army. I have gotten to see places where otherwise I would have only seen in my dreams.


I am Amber, I like to dress up everyday, take an unhealthy amount of photos on a daily basis, and I am a Mama to Ethan and Peyton. I never meant to become a blogger, it started as something to do when I was bored. Before I knew it though people were reading and loving my blog. I love that this whole world kinda fell into my lap. I hope you will come over to Sneakers Over Stilettos and see a little more of what kind of adventures we have.

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My name is Laura Hernandez. I am a passionate lifestyle photographer based out of Monterey, California where I’m born and raised. I’m married to the most amazing man in the world and we have two beautiful daughters.

In my mind, I am ALWAYS thinking about photography. It never ends. My brain takes snapshots everywhere I go.

I am, regrettably, a bit addicted to social media. I have a constant connection Facebook and Twitter wherever I am. I love Starbucks, the colors pink and yellow, mountain biking, foot massages, listening to the piano and everything vintage. My new addition seems to be blogging.

My photographic passion is people. Couples, families, and children. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing those unforgettable moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

It’s my hope you’ll grab some coffee, soak in some inspiration, and a glimpse of my life.
I thank God everyday for blessing me with this incredible life.

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Hello all! My name is Nichole, I am the owner of Just Another Blogger Mom and Better Dips Gourmet Dips . I am 27 years old. I am married with two young boys {5 and 3} I originally started by blog as a 365 photography project & it ended up turning into a place I enjoy coming to to share my ideas, stories, and so much more!! I would love for you to come check out my blog... I follow back all new followers!!

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Hi!! I'm Kimberly aka Lush Deez, the voice behind Lush Lounge. I’m 22 years young, always dreaming, planning and making goals. My blog is about me, my adventures & my weird Nor Cal life. On my blog you can find inspiration, recipes, reviews, fitness, my cat ginger, loving and enjoying life!

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Sara Blake is the mom of two and owner and creator over at CleverPinkPirate where she shares her adventures in living the frugal crafty life. From cheap recipes to quick crafts she shares tutorials and an insight into her clever life. You can also follow her at @CleverPirate on Twitter.


If blogging doesn't save me NOTHING will... I'm going to be honest about motherhood, parenting, and life.
I'm also going to be sarcastic, sometimes funny and hopefully genuine.
My motto is: I wasn't built for motherhood, it built me. It's a work in progress!
So join me on my journey of rediscovering that woman formerly known as Megan, who now is exclusively Mommy.

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I'm Shary and I blog at Shary Loves You. I'm just a 20-something mom trying to enjoy life. I cook, I craft, and I blog. I'm pretty average and my blog documents my adventures. I'm a full-time mom, part-time (yet on-going) student, and somewhat of a Jill of all trades. I currently stay at home with my daughter, Gaia, and keep the peace through crafts and cooking and mini adventures close to home. Big changes lie ahead for us as a pair, and the internet is merely an outlet for me to document it in all of its glory. My blog includes photo updates, do-it-yourself posts with tutorials and/or links and my creations, experiences in education, funny things I find online, recipes and kitchen fun, adventures on my outings, and ideas and posts about my life in general. I am also using it to network and find an audience for my miscellaneous craft shop which will be featured there soon. I do occasionally host giveaways and promote other blogs, but I try to keep everything as genuinely "me" as possible. I participate in blog hops and link ups. I love finding bloggers with similar interests and lifestyles!

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well hello…i am cyn. your not-so-typical blogger, soulmate to one lucky son of a gun, mom to three amazing but crazy kiddos, passionate-ass photographer, 95% vegan (i have moments of weakness), weight watcher junkie & newly christened fitness freak!(not necessarily in that order.) i initially started as more of a *mommy blogger* but in september 2011 i turned directions & began to tell more of my story – specifically my weight loss journey. i am currently down 34 lbs & just a mere 7 lbs away from my goal weight, lifetime status & a new employment opportunity at weight watchers! please stop by & say hi – i love meeting new peeps!



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