Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Help STAT!

I am at my wits end y'all. I am in desperate need of a new hairdo but here's the skinny - I can't do a lot of trendy styles because I have naturally curly hair. I am not going to spend an hour or more a day blowing out or using a flat iron to straighten my hair and I don't want to cut any length off. I am considering long bangs and also some long layers to help give my hair some life. Right now it just hangs all at one length which makes it really dull and I just end up pulling it up into a pony or a bun.

This is what I'm working with now. I want to continue to grow out my length, but I have to do something so I'm not just wearing it up all the dang time. That's so boring and I'm over it. So, now I need your help! Suggestions? Ideas?

I really really love this style, but again I don't have the time or the inclination to curl/straighten/blow out to achieve a look like this every day. There are some days I just need a really easy wash and go style that won't frizz out and look dumb! lol

Or do I just go for something like this that doesn't require much change from what I currently have and wouldn't take much time each day to style...

So, whatcha think? Bangs or no? Long layers or no? Help a sista out would ya?!

Oh and we'll talk about my grey's and coloring next time, m'kay pumpkins?! ;)


  1. I like the second mixed so my hair is super curly and frizzy! ! But if I want to wear it straight I straighten it and where that style for around four days. I don't get up and straighten it every morning I just touch it up! Hope that helps a lil:)

  2. I think layers would look great on will just lessen the intensity of the curls. I think you should do something like the second photo and embrace the curls. I wouldn't suggest getting bangs though..because they are high maintenance and if you don't have time/want to blow dry straighten I would avoid them. The shorter my hair is the more curl I get and I have bangs but I have to blow-dry them every time I wash them. I can't just leave them or else it looks like some weird 1960's curl LOL. This is just my take and I hope it somewhat helps! xo

  3. My hair is almost identical to yours. I used to have a love/hate relationship with it (mostly hate). I have been using Deva Curl products for about 2 years and now I love it. No more frizzy yuck. Leave the conditioner in your hair, don't rinse out. Dry your hair with a pillowcase or T-Shirt, not a regular towel. Shake that head of curls. Put in some Deva Gel. Shake your head again. Let airdry until you must leave the head. Gently blow dry to get some volume. I am telling you this has changed my total attitude about my hair. I get LOTS of compliments.

  4. ...and it's funny that Diva is in your blog name.

  5. My hair is similar. I agree - don't do bangs. Go with longer layers. I also don't have time to let mine air dry (and it doesn't curl up as well) so I use a diffuser to get it mostly dry. I'm planning to do a post soon about the mystery of my hair. Good luck, and embrace the curl!

  6. I have spiral curly hair - I recommend you read the Curly Girl Hair Guide if you haven't already. I now use the curly hair cutting method they discuss, too. I've also found that Curl Junkie makes GREAT products for taming curls. I especially like Curls in a Bottle.

    I also use a system called plunking, which is essentially scrunching your hair on top of your head and then wrapping it in a turban to dry. I use microfiber towels because I find they REALLY cut down on frizz. It's probably my number one recommendation. Also, when I blow dry I always do it on medium or low while scrunching it against my scalp to also help eliminate friz.

    I hope this helps - read to book/guide or check out the website, I have found it very useful!


  7. I have natural spiral curls! Have your hair chemically straightened! If you need suggestions on what product to use let me know :D

  8. We have very similar hair!!! I have bangs and I have layers. Unless I it is perfectly straightened I will wear it up almost every day! I'm so glad to have found your blog from Fashion in the Forest!


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