Sunday, February 24, 2013

In My Dreams

Do you ever think about what you would wear if you were given the opportunity to attend a huge event like the Oscars? Anyone? No, just me? Ok then!

Well, I decided I wanted to put together a dream outfit of what I would wear if I were going to the Oscars tonight. Of course, in reality I will just be snuggled up in my jammies watching on TV, probably eating a donut or something.

I searched for the perfect ensemble and this, my friends is what I would wear...


Stiletto high heel shoes
$63 -

Forever new
$41 -

The dress - I love. The shoes - I DIE!

So, tell me (or better yet, show me!) what would you wear if you were going to the Oscars?!


  1. Nice choices - And you would look absolutely stunning in this outfit! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Nice ensemble! Following you through Friday Blog Hop. Please stop by my blog at

  3. Hi! I just found this blog! :)) Loving it!

    I would wear this:

  4. love the dress! it's beautiful!


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