Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Life on Instagram

So lately things have been a bit intense. As in, I was sick from like November up til about a week ago! I have had a cold, double ear infection, strep, another cold, the flu. It's been ridiculous! So, now that I'm feeling better I thought I'd update on what's been going on around here since I've been feeling better.

I am giving #fmsphotoaday another go for February as well as just the random everyday stuff going on in my life....

 photo IGCollage_zps847f83ba.jpg

1. Day 4: Hope ( I hope the weather stays this gorgeous!) #fmsphotoaday

2. A Little Dash of Diva got new business cards - woohoo!

3. Day 3: Something starting with the letter 'E' - my hubby's eyeball ;) #fmsphotoaday

4. Day 2: A Pattern #fmsphotoaday

5. Something red. I love this picture of myself. Call me vain if you wanna but it's not everyday that I get all dolled up and take a great picture!

6. #ANOWeekend Instagram prompt

7. Day 1: Fork #fmsphotoaday

8. #fmsphotoaday prompts for the month of February

9. Daddy and Daughter pizza making time!

10. My beautiful baby girl waiting outside for cheer practice to start

So that's it! That's what I've been up too the last few days. I'm hoping to finally kick this nasty cold that went along with the nasty flu bug. And that means more regular posts from me! Woohoo!


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