Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Date Night (WIW)

Hello lovelies!  It's Tuesday, woohoo!  I always like Tuesday, mainly because it's not Monday and that means we are closer to Friday so YAY!

I told you in a recent post about how I wish I had more cute clothes to make What I Wore posts from and guess what?!  I'm slowly but surely adding more cute, fun clothes to my wardrobe.  Yay!  

To go along with my new wardrobe, Hubby and I have actually been able to go on a few date nights this month, which is really a nice change of pace.  Up til recently we hadn't been on a date in months.  Like, I really don't remember the last date night we had before our Anniversary dinner a few weeks ago.

My BFF-Harmony's husband had decided to plan a double date night for all of us on Saturday night so after spending some time at the pool that afternoon, in which I got a tad pink (damn me and my Irish skin!).  Yes, even if I wear sunscreen this is what happens.  Anyhoo...

After taking my sweet time showering and getting ready I had to decide what to wear that was going to be comfortable but not too casual and on the other hand, not too dressy.  This is what I came up with...

Comfy capri's rolled up at the bottom, black wedge heels, sparkly tank and a sparkly arm party! Woot woot!

I was really comfortable all night and the best part is I felt great.  I was confident and sassy and felt like the me that has been missing for a while.  It's nice to find that girl again ;)  

Now, here's hoping I get another date night sooner rather than later!


  1. This is a great outfit! Good choice.

  2. fun outfit and love your bracelets! the bow one is too cute!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com


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