Friday, March 1, 2013

February Photo Dump

I did it! I finally did it! I completed a Photo-A-Day project for the month of February! Woohoo!

I have tried several times to complete an entire month of FatMumSlim's photo a day project and have failed more often than not. But this month I was determined to do it. I am so glad I did.

I participated for February using these prompts she provides:

 photo FebPhotoADay2_zps5dac7cb6.jpg

 photo FebPhotoADay1_zps34c2f0fb.jpg

 photo FebPhotoADay3_zps6d315f02.jpg

Now, yes I realize these are in reverse order from what they should be, but I'm a lazy bish tonight so you'll have to excuse me ;) I'm just lucky I finished the whole month! lol And today/tomorrow is my wedding anniversary...9 whole years! I say today/tomorrow because we got married on Leap Day 2004 so I technically don't have an anniversary this year, but hey, I am not going to NOT celebrate just cuz there technically isn't an actual 29th of February this year! lol Oh, and also yes I do know that there are more than just the #fmsphotoaday pics in this post and that is because as I already mentioned this is a photo dump for the whole month!

Anyway, do y'all participate in PhotoADay projects? I'd love to see, so leave me a comment and share your feed with your photoaday projects!

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  1. I have not participated in this project, but I am very inspired to try. I think it would be fun! You did a great job. I'm hopping over from the Friday Blog hop! Thanks!


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