Monday, March 18, 2013

Flawless Foundation Application

Hey pretty ladies! Hope everyone is having a great Monday ;)

I have a confession to make...I'm in love with my stippling brush.

I am one of those girls, you know the kind...into all the latest beauty trends and spends a lot of time watching youtube videos on makeup techniques. I admit it, I do. I spend way too much time watching those Pixiwoo girls and Kandee Johnson and Tanya Burr and I've just started watching this girl, Jacyln.

Well, after watching all these girls do their makeup a bajillion and one times I decided I must get a stippling brush!  How could I go on saying I love makeup and all that goes along with it if I wasn't using this magnificent tool?!  I was a fraud.  A sham.  For shame, I tell you!

So I talked to my Sister-In-Law (who shall from now on be known as Seester) who is a makeup artist and asked for her recommendation on the best (inexpensive) stippling brush.  The top 2 I was looking at were M.A.C. and E.L.F.  I know, totally opposite ends of the spectrum there.

Then, I was watching one of the Pixiwoo videos and Sam talked about this new line of makeup brushes she had come out with, Real Techniques.  So I went to the website and was checking them out.  The appealing thing for me was how affordable they are, they really are priced so that your average woman can afford to buy any of them.  I mean, you cannot beat $10 for a stippling brush.

Anyhoo, I ordered the stippling brush and couldn't wait to do my makeup and see what a difference using the right tools can make in achieving the 'flawless foundation' look.  I am happy to say, I love this brush.  Seriously.  I can tell a HUGE difference in the way my foundation looks when I use the brush to when I just use either my fingers or a sponge to apply my foundation.  I think it just looks much more smooth and there are no uneven spots where more foundation went on a little more thick in certain spots.  It's just really a great tool and I highly recommend getting yourselves one!

So, there you have it.  My love affair with my makeup brush.

Makeup Monday


  1. The end results looks so smooth! I assume you were using a liquid foundation with the brush?

  2. that looks great I will have to put that on my to get list!

  3. soo nice! I actually have 3 of the other real techniques brushes too but i need a stippling brush too!! haha

  4. I'm gonna end up getting me more make up soon. b/c the kind i use has concealer in it and i cant find anymore anywhere else. not around here anyways.

    Be sure to check out today's post. and looking forward to the questions everyone ask. so come on over and ask a few. have a great day.

  5. I love this!!!


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