Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Sweet Tooth

Happy Saturday lovelies! I hope you're all having a fantastical weekend.

Hubby has today off so we decided to head out and do something as a family. After thinking about it for a while I decided we should take lunch over to my mom's office and have a little date with her to break up her last day of work for the week. We decided on Chipotle and really, can you go wrong with Chipotle? I don't think so! There is a Chipotle in Scottsdale right around the corner from her office so that's where we headed. Once we got there I noticed a cupcake shop 2 doors away. As I looked closer I saw that The Sweet Tooth Fairy was a Winner of Cupcake Wars on Food Network so I HAD to try it!

 photo icononly300x300_zpsd15410dc.jpg

 photo stf9_zps122d9104.jpg

When I first walked in I was in love. The store is so cute and really pretty. I love the decor and the colors they used. Then of course, I was drawn to the cupcakes. Holy yumminess.

 photo stf8_zpsbdda5873.jpg

 photo stf3_zpsb1e3da53.jpg

 photo stf12_zps967a7b7f.jpg

 photo stf11_zpsa4b57222.jpg

 photo stf2_zps7ba8933d.jpg

After taking my time looking at all of the pretty cupcakes I decided on a 'samoa'. Tell me that doesn't just scream 'eat me! I'm delish and you will never want another kind of cupcake as long as you live'!

 photo samoacupcake_zps8af73e7c.jpg

Hubby decided to try the Toasted Coconut
 photo toastedcoconut_zpsc509cfd9.jpg

We got the strawberry shortcake for my mom to enjoy
 photo strawberryshortcake_zps39bb0f13.jpg

And Hannah decided she wanted to try the 'thin mint'
 photo thinmint_zps2a3a1df6.jpg

as a bonus, we got the coconut lemon too
 photo coconutlemon_zps710f56b3.jpg

All I can tell you about these cupcakes is that they are the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. I've had Sprinkles and honestly, they don't even compare to Sweet Tooth Fairy in my opinion. These were phenomenal. If you have a Sweet Tooth Fairy location near you, I highly recommend giving them a try the next time you find yourself craving a cupcake!


  1. That place is so cute! We have a cupcake place right across the street from our place that was on one of those cupcake shows too. Although, I'm not really into cake, I went into there to try their stuff and it was tasted like it had been sitting out for weeks. It wasn't the same company though. But even though I don't like cupcakes, your photos made me really want one :) Those look beautiful!!! That place sounds like it well deserved the award

  2. What a cute shop...and those cupcakes look aaaamazing! Yummmmy

  3. oh, what a pretty shop! there's something about cupcakes that sends out happy feelings! and when it tastes heavenly. . . double the joy! :) it's sweet of both of you to bring lunch to your mom's office too! happy weekend:)

  4. looks delicious and like a fun tasty weekend! glad you got some fun time with the family!

    I am so excited to follow your blog via GFC! I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch xoxo

  5. Such a sweet and dainty shop filled with delightful sweets! Your pictures make me crave for cupcakes right now!

  6. Oh mother of all sweet good and delicious things!!! That little shop looks so good and amazing!
    I may not be anywhere near a shop like that right now, but I'll cheers with a cup of iced

    Maybe I should open my own shop with cute little things....yum

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  7. I really need to make sure to do my blog reading when I'm not hungry. Those cupcakes look delish.


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