Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Life Isn't Always Pretty Y'all

In real life, things aren't always pretty. We don't always have all our ish together all the time.

Sometimes, we find gray hairs on our birthday.

Or sometimes, we have to deal with our facial hair. Yep. I went there. I have PCOS and I deal with excess hair and it annoys the *&#$ out of me, but it is what it is so I deal with it.

Excuse me, I mustache you a question

Still, other times, we find ourselves with mud on our face and flyaway hairs going every direction

rollers in our hair just tryin' to keep up with the trends and beautify ourselves.

There are times when our hearts are heavy with grief and helplessness when we spend weeks sitting with a friend whose son dies suddenly one week before his 2nd birthday. When we have spent all day crying with her, comforting her, rallying around her and sometimes fighting for her while she buries her baby. The red, puffy eyes are only an outward sign of the heartbreak you feel for your friends who are dealing with such a tragedy.

It is times like these when we understand that life is not always cupcakes and rainbows and sparkly pretty things. Life isn't about who is prettiest or has the most money or the fastest cars or the biggest house or who takes the biggest, most extravagant vacations. It is about the real moments that happen every single day. The moments when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and silly. It's getting down on the floor and playing with your babies (human or animal), it is kissing your husband (or wife) like you mean it and not as an afterthought before you say goodnight.


  1. Sometimes life isn't pretty..and it's hardly ever fair.. you are very right.. Posts like this are hard to write sometimes because we have to be truthful to ourselves.. sometimes..we don't like the truth and yes....life isn't how it should be.

  2. Wow! I needed to read this post at the exact time. Thanks for that.

    PS - I also have PCOS and it's a pain in the rear

  3. So sorry about your friend hon. I hope you are doing well!!!

    So very true...like isn't all that pretty. And right now I'm dealing with life and focusing on the positive xoxo
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly... life can be messy and really hard. Imagine how surprised I was to learn that as a young adult after being raised in a house... or maybe at a time... when everyone made you think life was easy!

  5. Yep...real life isn't always pretty. As a matter of fact, life is downright ugly when we try to behave like everything is hunkie dorie all of the time. Realness is actually an expression of beauty and trust that Jesus is in control.

  6. I have hypothyroidism and also deal with to much facial hair! it is so annoying!!!

  7. oh my. I went from laughing to crying in seconds flat! I feel so horrible for your friend. Life is so precious! We laugh at ourselves in curlers and pack tweezers in our purse, play on life's funnies and carry on like it never ends. But you're right, we should always relish in the moment and treasure each of them!

  8. *HUGE HUGS* for your friend.


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