Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reasons I Need A Maid

Hello lovelies ♥ I've decided I need a maid. I know, you are probably thinking, what? why in the world doesn't she already have a maid?! I know, it's shocking! Anyway, after breaking a nail so badly it bled the other night while doing LAUNDRY I decided it's high time I get a maid.

So, here are the main reasons I think I need a maid...

1. I need a maid so that my nails will always be pretty and freshly manicured like this...

No more, dishes and laundry and dusting that causes my manicure to only last a couple of days before it starts getting chips and cracks and the polish peeling off. No way! If I had a maid to do all those household chores for me I would be such a happy girl!

2. I need a maid so that I would have the time for a few hours and a complete beauty routine every single day. You know, the whole she-bang! Wash and condition my hair, shave BOTH legs and underarms...during the same shower, let my naturally curly hair completely air dry before styling it in the cutest trendy styles and spend an hour putting on a flawless makeup application.

3. I need a maid so that I wouldn't have to worry about anyone dropping by my house and finding things messy and 'lived in'. Everything would always be in it's place and smelling spring time fresh. The carpets wouldn't have stains in them from that time the dog knocked over a full glass of pepsi onto the floor and instead of cleaning it up she just went on her merry way. (the nerve of that dog! ;) )

4. I need a maid so that my family would always have clean clothes for every occasion. My husband wouldn't ever have to say 'hey babe, I don't see any clean scrub pants in my closet, didn't you do the laundry?' No siree, he would have clean, wrinkle free scrubs for work every day!

and the last and most important reason I feel I need a maid...

5. I need a maid so that I have plenty of time to keep up with all of my favorite bloggers on all of the various social media platforms not to mention keeping up with my OWN blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram! At least there is Bloglovin' to help me keep up with my fave blogs ;)


  1. I've been saying this for quite a while too!! Having pretty nails is also one of my main reasons. Painting my fingernails is a complete waste because I just do so much with my hands!! Other reasons I need a maid is to take care of my personal business (pay bills, cook for me, take phone calls I don't feel like dealing with, etc.) so I definitely understand where you're coming from!

  2. True story. My boyfriend and I spring for maid service to come once a week, and I'm not gonna lie; it's pretty nice. I still do our laundry because I don't want strangers folding my panties, but it's great to never have to clean floors.
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

    1. Haha! I don't want strangers doing my panties either! lol

      Andie's Traveling Pants

  3. wear gloves when you do dishes. Or buy a dishwasher. if you have kids do like my mom does make you wash the dishes that need to be handed washed and put the rest in the dishwasher.

  4. i think I have to get one too!!! I almost have the same reasons as yours!!!

  5. Aaaah...this is definitely a luxury I can't afford quite yet. Good luck!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  6. Haha I always tell my husband I would love a maid. Especially for the deep cleaning!!

  7. I need a maid, and I'm a stay at home fiance haha!!!

  8. I've already made the decision that once I have kids, I'm at least hiring a cleaning lady. I don't care how much it costs. It's hard enough cleaning up a small apartment while working full-time. I can't imagine working full-time and trying to clean a house with little munchkins running around!

  9. Hey, I totally totally understand what you mean here. However, I am lucky that I stay in India where maid facility comes handy and cheap. My office gives oppertunities to travel abroad like chicago etc and stay for an year or so. Evrytng is cool abt that but I get jitters thinking that I wont have a domestic help!! :( :( :(
    Anyways. congrats on ur decision and life should be smoother now :)

  10. Ha! I tell my boyfriend all the time, we need a maid. Oh wouldn't it be nice? Great post!
    Anyways, I saw you on the Weds. Chronicles blog hop, just stopping by to introduce myself!


  11. hahaha - love it! I need a maid too! :-D

    I am here by way of The Wednesday Chronicles Hop & am now following you via BlogLovin' :-)

    My Imperfect...

  12. You are sooo on the money! I need a maid too.


  13. Oh man having a maid would be so nice! I wouldn't have to do dishes or clean the bathroom ahhhh what a life that would be! ;)

  14. Potentially one of the greatest list of reasons for having a maid. Might need to run this by the hubs to see what reaction I get.
    Stopping in from the Wednesday Chronicles.


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