Friday, March 22, 2013

Victoria's Secret is NO longer safe with me...

Hello lovelies! Here we are, Finally Friday!! Woohoo! I don't know about y'all, but I am so dang excited for the weekend. This means I only have to make it through a few more days til we head up to Vegas for a mini-vacay!

I had to make a little trip to Victoria's Secret today...see, I ran out of my favorite shower gel and obviously had to get more. Well, imagine my surprise when I got there and looked for it and couldn't find it! AAAHHHHHHH I know, I hate it when that happens. But it gave me the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra time up in there and pick a new fave for summer.

After literally smelling an entire wall full of the newest scrubs and lotions I came to Sun-Kissed.

OMG you guys. It is glorious. It smells of summer and coconuts. I absolutely love it. So lucky for me, the Pink scrubs and lotions are on sale right now so I even saved a few bucks getting the scrub and cream. Yay!

I decided to check out some bras and panties while I was there. I am one of those women who just feels sassier when I have a matching bra and panty on. Do I ever not have matching sets on? All.the.time. Which is probably why I don't always feels so sassy! Anyhoo...these are a few of the sets I'm loving right now and would love to get my hands on!


  1. Ah, is a downward spiral for sure! I walk in there to get one thing and end up discovering I "need" so much more. ;) Hehehe, anyway, have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I'm not much of a VS girl, but I may need to try that lotion

  3. I like the polka dots and pink on the right!

  4. i went in there over the weekend and came out with 2 new bras and undies that i totally didn't need! oops! so dangerous, but they've gotten in so much new cute stuff lately, i couldn't help myself.

  5. Now I feel the need to shop!! I could use a new lotion, I will def try out sun kissed!


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