Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl

Hello lovelies! I know, now we all have that dang song stuck in our pretty little heads...

My apologies ;)

Anyhoo...I am a total sucker for all things pink, sparkly and girly. Which let's face it, sums up Barbie to a tee. We buy all of the Barbie movies for myself daughter as soon as they come out and fortunately for me, she loves them as much as I do! I can always count on her to watch a Barbie movie with me so I can pretend I'm watching just to spend time with her when, while yes that is part of it, the other part is that I just love them! lol

For the longest time I kept saying that I wanted to do my makeup like Barbie in several of the movies (mainly just the colors because for some reason I never use bright colored shadows and she always has on pinks and other bright colors). Anyway, so this week I decided to play around with my makeup and I started with what I refer to as the Barbie look.

So, at the risk of being completely mortified at how I look with no makeup on I am going to post from start to finish and the products I used to achieve the look. Be nice.

In the first picture I have absolutely ZERO makeup on. No foundation, nothing. Second picture I have on my foundation, bronzer, illuminating cream and blush as well as having one eye completely done. I don't know why but I like to see just how different I look when I have one eye totally done and one not done at all. I guess it kind of amazes me just how much of a difference a few extra minutes and some eye makeup can drastically change my appearance.

I decided to try a new foundation after spending way too much time in the makeup section at Walmart. I went in for 1 thing from the Hard Candy display and $40 later I got that one item and then a few more for good measure. Anyway, love the new foundation but it's still not exactly the coverage I'm looking for. I need something that gives me good coverage but isn't so heavy that I feel like it will slide right off my face in hot weather. God knows, today was 93° and it's only going to be getting hotter and hotter til we start cooling down again in October or November. So, the hunt will continue, but for now this works.

I mainly use the bronzer and illuminating cream to highlight and contour my face. I've just recently started doing this and again, I am amazed at the difference I can see in pictures on what a big difference it makes when I do it as opposed to when I don't. But that's a post for another day ladies!

I started with the white shadow and put a good thick layer on my lid followed by the elf pink shadow in my crease. I used the purplish elf shadow just at the outer corners of my lid and into the crease a bit for some depth and followed up with the lightest pink (mac shadow) on my brow bone and to blend all of the other colors so there weren't any harsh lines on the lids. The last shadow I used, which I forgot to include above was a dark grey that I used to line my lash line (top and bottom) to give me a bit of a smokey look. Over the top of that I used the pink glitter liner. Also, I should mention I use a black pencil liner from Revlon to line my upper and lower water lines to give more depth to my eyes as well. Follow up by curling the lashes and adding mascara and voila! The eyes are done ;)

I love LOVE L.O.V.E. this look and will more than likely put this into regular rotation for looks I do. I'm really trying to stop playing it 'safe' with my makeup and change things up and use all the shadow I keep buying. lol So you can be sure to see lots more posts like this one coming up!!

Makeup Monday


  1. You never think that makeup can make such a huge difference. I wear very little but just a bit of eye makeup makes me look so much better. LOL

    I just wish it weren't so expensive and I'd attempt to learn how to use foundation and bronzer.

  2. WOW! I love how eye makeup makes all the difference, you look gorgeous!! Love how you do your eyeliner, I try so hard at that and just doesn't look this nice!

  3. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head! Your eyes look stunning!

  4. Love it. YOu look amazing. Following you on bloglovin. I'm hosting a link up this Thursday April 11, show me your favorite spring trend. I'm also doing a giveaway: a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic. Would love to see you at the link up and have you enter the contest.


  5. I love the color combinations...going to buy some pretty spring frosts!

  6. First off, good for you for being brave to show your bare face! I know that can be scary! But I love when I see that from any beauty blogger! It shows that we are not all about the made up side of beauty, but that we have real beauty beneath too! You are beautiful either way, but wow what a fun difference! This is SUCH a pretty look. YOU have inspired me... I want to try a barbie look now too!! ♥ Thanks so much for linking it up to Makeup Monday! I sure hope you will be back again today!


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