Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm a Golden Girl

Hello pretties! I hope you are all liking all the beauty and makeup related posts I've been doing lately. I've decided I really love blogging about beauty and makeup and all that so I'm thinkin' these sorts of posts will be more on the reg. from now on.

I'm just gonna say it, I generally cannot stand gold. I don't like gold nail polish, jewelry, clothes, bags or teeth ;) But I love me some silver. Well, lately I've started to change my mind, a little. Not a whole lot, but just a smidge. I decided to give my new found appreciation of gold a spin in a makeup look that features the Naked2 Palette and gold liquid liner! FUN!!

These are all the products I have been using lately. I find myself switching between the Hard Candy foundation, L'oreal Lumi foundation and the L'oreal BB cream. Just really depends on my mood that day. I like them all pretty equally so there's that I suppose.

For this eye look, I used mainly all of the gold-ish, shimmery colors and some of the darker shadows for the crease and outer corner depth. Half baked, chopper and ydk are the main colors used for this look with a little snakebite thrown in on the outer corner. Also I put some 'busted' on my lash line before putting the gold liquid liner on my upper lash line. As per usual I also lined my upper and lower water line with the Revlon black pencil liner (and I just now realized this is the second post I have forgotten to include that in the graphic I made!) ugh. Anyway, here's hoping I include it in the next one, eh?!

What beauty looks have you been afraid to try? I am trying really hard to get out of a rut of just doing the same look and using bold colors. That's my big thing right now. I'd love to hear from you and hear what beauty advice you would give to someone afraid to try new things with their look, leave me a comment with your best beauty tip!

Makeup Monday


  1. I've finally found a makeup routine that I can handle every day but i would love to shake it up a bit! I need to work on that one!

  2. Your eye makeup always looks so great. That is not the case for me...

  3. Your makeup looks flawless! I have been lusting after one of the Naked Palettes!

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. I used to hate Gold too... I was a silver girl myself! lol But now I just love it!! Great look, and I am so thrilled to see more of your looks on Makeup Monday!! ♥ Dont forget to stop by and link up again today!


  5. I use my loreal bb cream daily! Love it! & I love the hard candy concealer.

  6. I'm normally not a gold person, but I love gold eye shadow. You look great!!
    PS - Welcome to the Social Fabric community! Can't wait to read more on your site :)


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