Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Naked Makeup

I've had several people asking me about my makeup lately, so I thought, the easiest way to tell you would be to show you! And let's face it, who doesn't love to talk makeup?!

This first look was for day 1 in Vegas. I wanted to look pretty and put together. I didn't just want my casual mascara/blush and gloss look so I added some glamour with my dramatic eyes. For me, I can't pull off a dramatic eye and a powerful lip so I usually just do one or the other. I mainly go with dramatic eyes and keep my lips really nude or light pink. Very rarely do I like a dark, powerful lip on myself.

For day 2 in Vegas I pretty much did the same thing, only I didn't use the dark outer corner color. Everything else is the same though.

For the final day we were there, we were going to be headed to the park to play with a friend and her kids before we headed home. I didn't want a ton of makeup on for the park or the 4 hour drive home. So I went even lighter on the eyes than the day before but still playing up my eyes.

And there you have it! I do love me some makeup, that's fo sho!


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