Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nexxus Hydra Light Review

*This is a review, my personal opinions and experiences with the products. The products were sent to me as samples in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hello loves! I hope everyone's week is off to a good start, can you believe we are already to Hump Day?! Yeah, baby!

I've talked before about my hair and the issues I have with finding styles that suit me and my curly hair and finding products is just as hard. With my curly hair I have to use special products that won't weigh my curls down but that also will define them and deal with the insane amount of frizz that happens up in herr. Ya dig?!

So here are the 3 products I received to review...

Hydra Lite Root Lift Mist / Hydra Light Leave in Conditioning Foam / ProMend Smoothing Shine Serum

Here are my thoughts:

First, I really like the leave in conditioner. It's a foam as opposed to the normal sprays. I feel like I get better coverage on all of my hair with the foam than I have with the sprays I've used in the past. While I get great coverage it's not so heavy that it weighs my curls down so that is just a bonus for me.

Second, I also really like the root lift mist. I have found that when I use it I do have much more volume at the root instead of my hair just hanging there limp and lifeless from the heavy curls pulling my hair down. Seriously, the curls can weigh your hair down so much! I get regular headaches from the weight of my long hair. But I love me some long hair so I guess, #longhairdontcare ;)

Lastly, I used the smooth serum. Generally speaking I can't use smoothing serum unless I straighten my hair, which I don't do very often. So for me, this product doesn't make much sense. I feel like for my hair it weighs it down more than anything so I don't use it as often as I use the other two products.

All in all, I really like this line and will most definitely be continuing to use both the root lift and the leave in conditioner. So yay for finding new products that work well for my hair type!


  1. I have specific products that I have to have for my hair too! My go-to shampoo & conditioner are paul mitchell's tea tree! LOVE!


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