Monday, April 1, 2013

Vegas, baby! Pt 1

Happy Monday y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did!

Last week Hannah was on spring break, so we decided to take a road trip. Normally when we go on road trips it's always to SoCal to see my in-laws. Unfortunately my FIL has been not feeling great so we decided to go somewhere new this trip.

We live in Phoenix, for those who don't really know much about the southwest, we are not too far from a lot of different places. We are about 6 hours to San Diego. We are about 3-4 hours from Rocky Point, Mexico. We are about 4 hours from Las Vegas. So when we considered where we wanted to go, we decided we wanted to be able to drive and that we wanted it to take less than 5 hours to get there. After thinking about it for a bit, we decided on Vegas. I'm the only one who had ever been there before and that was only on business. Not even for fun! Plus, I have a cousin and some friends who live there.

So Thursday morning we loaded up Roxy and headed northwest to Vegas. It was a gorgeous drive through Arizona and into Nevada. We stopped at the Hoover Dam for a bit and that was really amazing. The sheer scale of it just blows my mind. We didn't do any tours, but we want to on the next trip to Vegas.

Once we left Hoover Dam it's not very far to Vegas (like maybe a half hour if I remember right).

It was fun to see Hannah's reaction to seeing all the hotels in the distance and telling her that is where we are going. Girlfrand loves her some skyscrapers so being on the strip and seeing all the gorgeous buildings; she was in heaven!

We were staying at Circus Circus, so we made it to the hotel and got all checked in...which was a process. The last time I was in Vegas for work was 1o years ago and I stayed off the strip at The Orleans. I am positive that the check-in process was a lot different there than it was at Circus Circus. At CC it was a madhouse!! We walked into the lobby and I swear I thought I had walked into the busiest airport I've ever seen. People and luggage and more people and even more luggage just every.where. Insanity. The line to check-in was 3 rows deep. Luckily it moved pretty fast, but it was still an hour between walking in and getting to our room.

Let me just tell you, if you have never stayed at Circus Circus, the skyrise tower (where we stayed) has a parking garage so that you don't have to traipse through the entire mall with your luggage but they don't tell you this at the check-in. No, we walked from literally the opposite end of the hotel through the casino, up to the 2nd floor where they have all the shops and restaurants and slots to another bank of elevators to get to the 21st floor where our room was with all of our bags. OMG. For this mama who has anxiety on the best of days, that was

Once in our room though, I could relax. We had a view of The Stratosphere and that is when we saw the parking garage that we should have used. lol. Oh well. The room was clean and didn't smell like smoke at all.  All in all, it was a nice room. After we got cleaned up and rested for a little while, we went to find some dinner. Any of you who are parents know that you don't always get to go where you want and sometimes you just have to go with McD's. So that's what we did. After that we drove down the strip and got lost. Yep. We eventually found our way to the Fremont Street Experience and discovered that Fremont is much more our speed. While it was still crowded and loud, it wasn't NEARLY as crowded and loud as the strip.

We parked and walked along Fremont taking in all the casino lights, the live bands, the showgirls taking pictures with tourists and the little shops. We happened to be there at the top of the hour when all the lights on the casino's go out and they play a video montage on the overhead canopy. They did a Queen show while we were and that was totally awesome! Everyone stopped and quieted down as it first started and then everyone in the crowd was singing and dancing and taking video of the whole experience.

Shortly after that we headed back to our hotel and it was time for bed. By the time we actually made it back to our room it was close to 11 so we were all completely ready to sleep. And sleep we did.


  1. Sounds like a great first day!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I went to Vegas once and had a blast. We stayed at the MGM Grand; it was so nice! Circus Circus is definitely a good choice for the family. The rides in the hotel are pretty cool too!

  3. I am SO jealous! I really want to go to vegas but we live so far away!

  4. I love road trips! Sounds like a great trip.

  5. Looks like so much fun! We're moving to Colorado this summer and my brother lives in Vegas. I am really hoping to plan a roadtrip to see him, I'll def keep this post in mind. Loved reading about your trip!


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