Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vegas, Day 2

On our second day in Vegas, I woke up with a massive headache. I promise I didn't drink at all the day before but you'd have thought I drank til I passed out with how awful I felt. I didn't want to make Hannah and Sean miss out on anything so I had them go ahead and head to the AdventureDome without me. I took some ibuprofen and an allergy pill, took a shower and then was feeling halfway decent. By the time they came back to the room for me I was feeling MUCH better.

Hannah wanted to take me into the AdventureDome to see some of the rides she had gone on. She did not go on the Inverter ride, but she wanted to and I said HECK NO! lol After that, we went and had lunch at Nathan's hot dogs at Slots'o'fun just outside the casino at Circus Circus. We decided to catch the bus for our day trip down the Strip. Best investment we made. It's $8 per person for a 24 hour pass. Much easier than driving and trying to find parking and then having to pay for parking anytime you want to stop to take pictures or go anywhere. The 'deuce' (a double decker bus) was really fast and gave us the freedom to get off/on as we wanted.

The main thing we did was head to The Forum Shops. Holy mother of shopping heaven. Let me tell you. If I were made of money I would spend most of my days there! With stores like Coach, Kate Spade, Tiffany, MAC, Agent Provocateur, Anthropology and about a billion (ok fine, only 160 stores) other places to spend money on fabulous things I could have stayed there and been happy.

They have a cigar shop, Casa Fuente which is one of my dad's favorites. The Fuente girl was really great, Hannah couldn't go inside because she's under 21 and so the Fuente girl came out and talked to Hannah and even fixed her a shirly temple and gave her 2 posters. I thought that was really cool. After getting completely lost and not being able to find our way out...we eventually found our way out again. After walking around a bit more, we decided to head back to our hotel and rest for a bit.

Hannah and Sean had some pool time while I rested in the room, I did NOT want that headache to come back so I got some quiet time in the late afternoon. When they came back and after we had all gotten cleaned up and ready for the night we headed back out and went to dinner. Once that was done, we hopped back on the bus and headed down the strip. We were headed to the Bellagio for the water fountain show. It was beautiful and amazing! We stayed for a few different shows and the best one we saw was the one that was done to Elvis' Viva Las Vegas. So fun! We took some pictures and called it a night. The Eiffel tower was one of my favorite things.


  1. Glad you were feeling better enough to get on with your day! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I love the Forum Shops! The inside is just as luxe looking as the outside :)
    So glad you were able to join in on the fun! xo

  3. I hate those mornings where you wake up a headache! Glad to hear it went away quickly!


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