Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vegas, Day 3

On the final day of our trip, we were checking out of our hotel and headed over to a park not far off the strip to see one of my good friends, Mar from Obviously-MARvelous. She and her kids met us at a cool neighborhood park to play for a while before we got on the road to head home.

One of her daughters and Hannah hit it off pretty much right away and within minutes were asking for a sleepover that night! lol While we couldn't accommodate that request we have promised a sleepover on the next trip.

After spending almost 3 hours at the park letting the kids play, we decided we should hit the road and head home. Before we were actually on the road towards home, we had to go to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign because we had yet to get the requisite picture at the sign. I mean, come on! You have to get the picture at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign when you go to Vegas!! Never mind that we did it on our way out of town...the important thing is we got it!

Finally, once that was done we hit the gas station and got on the road. It seems like the trip home went so much faster than the one getting there. Oh well. The scenery was so pretty to look at and I thoroughly enjoyed being the passenger and actually getting to take the pictures!

Lake Mead, coming up on Hoover Dam

Lake Mohave River - Scenic Outlook just past Hoover Dam

Once we got back on the road after stopping off at the scenic overlook we made pretty good time into Kingman where we stopped for a quick potty break and to grab an ice cream cone! I was dying for a milkshake from the time we left Vegas so we decided to wait til Kingman and get one. From Kingman til we got home I drove. Now, unfortunately I am a little more aggressive behind the wheel than Sean. Especially on the open road on a road trip. If there is a passing lane I am dang well gonna use it. I drive a Charger. I have the ability to use all that speed and power to make my ass go and I'm gonna! I can't stand driving behind large vehicles that I cannot see around. If I can see around you and we are going at least the speed limit, I have no problem staying behind you. But if I can't see around you, I will almost always get around you. That sometimes makes Hubby uncomfortable, but I have to do what I feel most comfortable with when I'm the one driving - don't you agree? Anyway, once we were about 10 minutes from home we kind of got into an argument about it because he made a comment about me being reckless and that really bothered me. So once we had both said our piece he commented that he actually feels safer with me behind the wheel than anyone else including himself so that made me feel better. And you better believe I am NEVER gonna let him live THAT one down! HA!

Anyway, we had a great trip and I am so glad we got out of town for a few days to recharge as a family. Now, time to start planning the next road trip!!


  1. Vegas is so much fun. I love all of your photos. :)

  2. My sister has that same driving style and when I'm riding with anybody else, it makes me antsy, it's like can you put a little speed into it, please & thank you? But when I'm with Mady, it's like all right, let's DO this thing! lol.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip! How fun that those girls hit it off. Had they met each other before?


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