Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello 2nd Trimester! It's Damn Good to See You!

How Far Along: 14 weeks, Hello 2nd trimester! Woohoo!

How Big is Baby: lemon, about 3.5 inches from head to butt and about 1.5 oz

Maternity Clothes: Maternity tanks and tees for the length and I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy yoga pants

Sleep: I've been able to fall asleep pretty well, but staying asleep is a different story. I've been napping less during the day for the most part, but still not getting great sleep when I do sleep.

Food Cravings: no real cravings lately

Food Aversions: still the same as before oh and now hot dogs. like if someone is eating one in my presence it makes me want to puke. or if someone even says the words hot dog. fun times.

Symptoms: the morning sickness has finally started to go away, I still have moments of it, but it is not the 24 hour like it was before. still have extremely sore breasts, peeing constantly, lately I've been extremely emotional and been having mood swings where I just get completely irrational and angry for the dumbest reasons. makes for fun times in my house!

Movement: I started feeling baby fluttering around in there a few weeks ago (11w2d) and still feel that often. mainly when I'm laying down resting or just chilling out in the evening after everything is calm and quiet.

Gender: still don't know for absolute certain. at my last appt the u/s tech took a pic of the legs and bottom and you can see the 'junk', now whether its boy junk or girl junk she didn't say. we've just been letting everyone take their guesses, so tell me, what do you think?!

So you can see the legs stretched out, the feet are on the left side of the photo and on the right is the butt and the junk.

What I'm Looking Forward to: not being so tired all the time! finding out the gender! my baby shower and setting up the nursery once we move into a house in the next month or 2!

What I Miss: sleeping on my tummy. I've been craving a margarita like nobodies business!

Next Appt: Monday the 19th of August. I will be 17 weeks and my doctor said we will do more bloodwork and another ultrasound (I believe to check for spinabifida) and then at 20 weeks we will go to a perinatalogist for the mega level 2 ultrasound that they do with high risk and advanced maternal age moms. So, we will most likely know the gender at one of those two appts!


  1. Glad you are at the end of the morning sickness! YAY!

  2. The ultrasound photos are looking great. I can't ever tell by these photos, but I'm going to guess that it looks like a girl to me!

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