Saturday, December 21, 2013

34 weeks bumpdate!

Here we are at 34 weeks pregnant, I seriously felt like this point would never come...and now it feels like the last few weeks are going to drag on forever! Can I get an amen from my fellow preggos?!

Where to begin since my last update two weeks has been a roller coaster ride. In my last update I told y'all that I had my first appointment with my new OB and that she had sort of freaked out about my one high blood pressure (in the entire pregnancy, one high bp) and told me I was borderline high bp and borderline gestational diabetic because I failed my 1 hour glucose test (however I passed my 3 hour with perfect blood work). Shortly after that appointment, the new OB's MA called me and told me that they feel I need to start being seen now for weekly NST's and Ultrasounds (instead of the first week of January like she had said at the appointment). That threw me for a loop, I'll just be straight with you. I felt like I had a perfectly low risk pregnancy up to the point of seeing this new doc and then in the 10 minutes she was talking to me she decided that I was suddenly so high risk that it was really freaking me out. She didn't tell me why she felt that I needed to start these weekly tests and a bigger concern to me was that aside from those 10 minutes in the exam room, I have not spoken to her at all. Everything was relayed to me by her MA.

So, I set up all the appointments for NST's and U/S's every week through my 39th week. I went to the first appointment for an growth scan ultrasound. Everything was going fine, the ultrasound tech was friendly and talkative telling us everything she was seeing. She mentioned that my amniotic fluid was a little on the high side, so she needed to go speak to my doctor and see what she wanted to do. She came back a few minutes later and said that my doctor had ordered a consult with a high risk perinatalogist due to the high amniotic fluid and that they would see me in a couple of days for my NST. She made it sound like it was no big deal, just getting the consult to be sure it was nothing.

Within an hour of leaving that appointment, I got a call, again from the MA and not the Doctor. The MA told me that my doctor felt I was too high risk to be seen by them any longer and all of my care would be transferred to the perinatalogist. Um, excuse you?! What in the holy hell is happening here?! And why pray tell are YOU telling me this and not the damn doctor?! She, of course, had no answers for me and just said she would be faxing the perinatalogist the transfer of care request and wished me well. OH EM GEE. To say I was upset is the understatement of the year. A little while longer I got a call from the perinatalogist office wanting to schedule my CONSULT. Oh. Hell. No. I said ok, I'm just really confused, I explained the situation and what the MA had told me and she stopped and said um, that's not the way it works though. We don't just accept transfer of care unless you are really high risk and from what you have said you more than likely are NOT high risk. She said let's just schedule the consult and go from there. I said ok. The only problem was that they couldn't get me in for a consult until the end of the following week, which means I was supposed to have 3 appts with the OB between now and then. So I called the OB and spoke to the MA and told her what the peri's office had said. I was in tears by this point. I said listen, I've had a completely normal, low risk pregnancy, low stress until I came here. Now, you are telling me I am high risk, so high risk you can't or won't see me but you aren't giving me any information about how you came to this conclusion and on top of that I am 8 months pregnant and no longer have prenatal care?! I said what exactly am I supposed to do now that I don't have an OB and the Perinatalogist won't accept transfer of my care at this point? She said to me, why won't they accept transfer of your care? I said because they said that's not how it works. You have a consult to confirm you are high risk before they accept the transfer of care. She said she would call them and someone would get back to me.

Now, I don't know what changed, but the next morning I got a call from the perinatalogist's office telling me they were accepting transfer of my care and that as of my first appointment I would be their patient through the rest of my pregnancy and delivery. Huge sigh of relief that I at least had prenatal care. Anyway, they were able to get me in sooner than the 19th with the Nurse Practitioner and for an ultrasound. I went to that appointment and it was fantastic! I am so glad I 'had' to switch now.

They did an extra long ultrasound and discovered that the reason I have high amniotic fluid is because my son is a huge baby. lol. Bigger babies obviously produce more fluid (pee) and so your amniotic fluid will be a bit higher. My blood pressure was perfect and they said that they don't have any reason to be concerned that the baby or I am in any way at risk. They said that they will still keep me as a patient and monitor everything with NST's and U/S's to make sure they are on top of it should anything change, but for right now they see no reason why the OB reacted the way she did. Which of course was a huge relief for me. All that stress that the OB put on me was just gone after that appointment.

As you can see, he has already dropped. He is always sitting so low, like right on my cervix and it's incredibly painful. But it is what it is. All par for the course I suppose. I still haven't gained weight. *I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester and have been regaining those 10 lbs, but I still haven't regained the full 10 lbs. I'm currently at 7 lbs regained. But I feel huge. Like seriously. I can't wait for him to come out! lol.

I had my first NST on Thursday, so that was fun to just hear his heart beat and to discover he really didn't like having the monitor on him! haha Every time we would get his heart beat he would move and we would lose it. Then when we finally had it for a few minutes he would kick against the monitor!

So, the moral of the story is don't stress and not every doctor knows what the hell they are talking about. I have another ultrasound and appointment on Monday so I will have more pictures to share in the next bump update!


  1. So sorry you had to go through that! It's so true, doctors don't always know what the heck they're talking about. And opinions strongly vary from doctor to doctor, it's annoying. But congrats on being so close to having your baby, you must be so excited!!


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