Monday, February 3, 2014

Introducing Asa

Hello my loves, I know it's been a hot minute since I have posted anything other than my weekly blog hops, so I figured it was time I give y'all a final update on my baby bump and the birth story for my beautiful son.

I started having contractions during my weekly NST, nothing major or painful..but still there they were.  I was 37 weeks pregnant.  Over the course of the day, they got stronger and were closer together until they were about 2 minutes apart.  This went on for DAYS.  They started on a Monday morning.  My daughter had her state cheer competition coming up that weekend on Saturday, so we were just hoping the baby either came before or stayed put til competition was over!  I had another ultrasound on Thursday and also an appt with my perinatologist.  We decided that it was time, plan A was that on Monday I would have another ultrasound and as long as he was still head down, we would induce.  If he was breech, we would schedule a c-section.  She gave me a script for steroids to make sure baby's lungs were ready and I took those over the weekend.  Saturday rolled around and while we were at competition, I started having mad back labor.  That was totally new, hadn't had any back labor up to that point.  I was so afraid he was going to come right there in the school gym during competition.  Once the competition was over and I was able to be up and moving around the back labor eased, although I was still having the regular contractions.

Finally, Monday was here and we loaded all the suitcases and stuff for the hospital into the car, dropped Hannah off at my moms house and off we went to the dr to have the ultrasound and hopefully start the induction.  

I was 37 weeks 6 days and more than ready for Asa to vacate the premises.  During the ultrasound we discovered that he was transverse (sideways!) so no induction, a c-section would be scheduled.  I was totally ok with needing to have the c-section, as long as both of us were healthy that is all that mattered.  My only concern was that it wouldn't be happening that day.  

After the ultrasound, we had a meeting with my Doctor and she said ok, we can schedule the c-section for tomorrow.  I must have had a really heartbroken look on my face because she said or we can do it today at 330.  She said as long as you haven't eaten since 7 this morning, we can do it today.  I said I hadn't and she said ok, then let me go call the hospital and get you on the books for today.  That was around 9 am and I had to be at the hospital for pre-op stuff at 130 so we went back to my moms house and hung out there til it was time to go.  Hannah would be staying with my mom til Asa was born and then once they moved me to recovery they would head over to the hospital to see us.

When Sean and I got to the hospital and checked in, my nerves started.  I had never had surgery of any kind.  I had a vaginal delivery with Hannah and required zero interventions.  I started having massive anxiety the closer it got to 330.  They had me in a triage room to get me ready.  Nurses in and out of my room to prep me, start my IV, the anesthesiologist came in to explain what his role would be and what he'd be giving me and all that, then my doctor made her appearance and I was instantly calmer.  Thank God for that woman.  Seriously. I couldn't have been in better hands and she really did just set me at ease just by being there and talking me through what would happen.

Finally, it was time.  They started wheeling me out through the halls of the labor and delivery floor to the surgical suits.  Once we were in the hall outside the OR, they told me I would walk into the OR and Sean would be allowed in the OR after I was all prepped and had the spinal placed.  The nurse who assisted my dr helped the anesthesiologist keep me in the right position to place the spinal block and instantly I started to feel numb from the waist down.  They got me laid out on the table and then I felt nothing from the chest down.  At which point I started flipping out.  See, I have this weird thing where if I can't feel my toes wiggling, I lose my ever loving mind.  No, really.  The anesthesiologist noticed I was flipping out and came over to check on me.  He calmed me down as best he could, but let's face it I wasn't going to be calm til I could feel my toes again.  As I was laying there, they finally put the curtain up and let Sean come in.  Again, my doctor started talking to me and I calmed down as much as could be expected.  

The next thing I knew, the anesthesiologist was telling me they had already made the incision and baby would be out any second. Whoa.  I felt. nothing.  No tugging, no pressure..nothing.  Bizarre.  

My husband disappeared from my side as soon as the NICU nurse had brought Asa over for me to see.  Because he was technically not full term yet, they had 3 NICU nurses in the OR to check him over and make sure all was well.  After she showed me my son, Sean went over to the other side of the OR to take pics and be there for all the stuff they were doing to check Asa out.  He scored an 8 and a 9 on the APGAR, so he got perfect scores.  He cried the second he was out, I do remember that.

My boy was 8 lbs 6 oz at birth and 20 inches long.  The nurses kept commenting on the size of his noggin.  Apparently he takes after his daddy and has a ginormous melon ;)

But he is absolutely perfect.  Sean brought him back over to me while they were finishing up my tubal ligation and closing me back up.  I remember feeling nauseous so the anesthesiologist gave me some zofran in my IV and I felt better.  But then I started to feel like I would pass out.  I kept fighting to not pass out and I didn't ever actually pass out but lordy it felt like I would for the longest time.  

After about 45 minutes in the OR, I was done and in my initial recovery room where I was finally allowed to hold my son.  Fortunately I started to get feeling back in my legs and feet not long after.  Pardon my double chin and no neck.

My daughter meeting her brother for the first time.  She was a little unsure at first, but once she got over her nerves she has been a fantastic helper and a bit of a baby hog!  She loves to hold him and snuggle.  She helps to change diapers and holds him whenever I need to do something around the house.  I've been trying to ask her to help me with him in the hopes that it would make her feel more a part of things.

One thing that Daddy has been looking forward to since we found out we were having another baby is the naps.  He took naps daily with Hannah laying on his chest and it is something he talked about doing from the start with Asa.  

Looks like Hannah loves her little brother.

They really look a lot alike too.  My husbands dang dominant genes.  I do all the work and he gets all the credit since both of our kids look so much like him!

I got some alone time to chill in the hospital with Asa since Hannah had cheer award ceremony and I obviously couldn't get out of the hospital yet to go.  So Sean and Hannah left the hospital to go to cheer and then came back.  While they were gone, Asa and I just snuggled.

Asa was born Monday the 13th at 340 pm and we were released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon around 130.  Normally with c-section patients they have them stay at least one more day, but my doctor said I was healing so nicely she didn't have any issues with me going home if I wanted to.  The pediatrician also said Asa was doing so well that she had no issues releasing him to go home that day too.  So off to home we went!  

Summer THEE dog lost her damn mind when we brought Asa home.  She would not leave him alone and acted as though he were her baby.  Any sound he made the first 3 days she would get all up on him and just stare at me like 'mom why in the hell aren't you fixing this'.  She and I have had some serious conversations about how he is my baby not hers and I've got it handled.  She has finally relaxed which is good cuz I don't think I could handle much more of that!

We had to check in with the pediatrician the day after leaving the hospital and ended up having to have a home bili blanket due to Asa having some jaundice issues.  Apparently if your first child was jaundice, your subsequent children will also be jaundice most likely.  After 10 days on the bili blanket and getting blood draws every other day, I'm happy to say the bili blanket went bye-bye.  

Asa has been such a good baby and gives us a 3-4 hour stretch of sleep at night.  He fills the void I didn't know was there.  He has definitely completed our family.

Now, for the before and after!  The picture on the left was the morning he was born and the picture on the right was 7 days later.  I lost 32 lbs in the 2 weeks from birth to my first post op appointment.  I feel so much better now that I don't have that giant belly impeding everything I tried to do!  I have been healing really well from my c-section and can't wait to be released to work out in another 3 weeks!


  1. Congrats!!! Your little boy is completely adorable! And both of your kids together are absolutely adorable together! I remember when I was pregnant with my son - I gained 65 lbs and lost half of it within the first two weeks. I couldn't wait to lose those last pounds. I'm still working on it almost 3 years later. Wishing you the best!

  2. Congrats! What an absolutely perfect little man!! He is just the cutest (but you know this)! I'm glad you are feeling more like yourself and I hope you continue to heal well. Kisses to the bouncing baby boy :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! What a cutie!!! Well done!

  4. Congratulations! I forget how much time it takes to recover. You look great...remember to take time for yourself although it's easier said that done :)

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  6. He is beautiful! Congratulations to the handsome new member of the family Chrissy!!!

  7. AWWWW congrats on your little one! Stopping by from the Friday blog hop and just showing you some real love. <3.


    Danielle Faith @


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