Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hi, I'm Chrissy and I'm an Addict

They say the first step is admitting it, right?  Well here goes...Hi, I'm Chrissy and I'm an addict...and you all say, Hi Chrissy!

I'm addicted to beauty.  Makeup, nail polish, brushes, perfumes, lotions, high end, drugstore, you name I am probably lusting over it.

There, I said it, I'm out.  I love shopping for new makeup, whether it's just picking up one new product that I've been wanting to try or whether it's time to repurchase stuff I've already used up and loved so much I want more.  Don't get me wrong, I try not to go crazy and buy everything I want all the time, but I think I work hard and deserve a little pick me up with a new gloss or blush or foundation or brush or or or or.... ;)  the list could go on and on you know!

Lately, I've been trying to branch out and try some new products that my favorite YouTube beauty guru's have been talking about, also I've been trying to use more of my products and sort of rotate through them instead of just getting stuck in a rut using certain fave's.

I've really gotten out of my comfort zone of just using neutrals and simple black liner with black mascara.  I have been experimenting with color, using bright colored eye shadows that I normally shy away from thinking I can't pull it off.  I'm trying purples, pinks, greens, blues and just blending the hell of them to make them work.

I'm really loving the Maybelline color tattoo cream shadows and have bought, I think 5 or 6 of them in the last 2 months, I have gotten a few neutral type colors, but I also got a really gorgeous purple that I just adore.

I will have another post up more near the end of the month of my July Beauty Fave's so keep an eye out for that with more info on the actual products I've been using and loving this month.

My go - to colors lately have been pinks, rose gold, taupe, and bronze shadows with a deeper bronze or copperish shade as a liner to smudge along the top and bottom lashes in place of an actual eyeliner.

Let me just tell you, I had tried Maybelline's The Rocket mascara and fell in was a temporary kind of love apparently because I then tried the Loreal Miss Manga and I cannot wear anything else.  I have tried.  Nothing else compares to Miss Manga right now for me.  In this picture to the left, the eye on the left has Miss Manga and the right eye is the Rocket.  Hello lashes!  Can you see the difference between the two?!?!  Miss Manga is an everlasting kind of love, no temporary love there!!

Ok, so before I go into all of my July fave's in this post I need to wrap it up...I can't give away all my secrets in this one post ;)!  Keep an eye out for more beauty related posts, that's where my heart is right now so just bear with me girlies!


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