Monday, July 21, 2014

Keeping My Kids Safe with Walgreens #GiveAShot

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I can’t be the only parent who has a child that is terrified of the dreaded needle. When I think about it, I don’t know if terrified is really the right word…I think her fear is based more on the anticipation of the shot than the actual shot itself. Let me tell you a little story about the last time my 9 year old daughter needed a shot. Hannah has been getting vaccinated on the normal schedule recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) since she was born, I have not delayed or refused any immunizations. When she started school she was all up to date on the required vaccines it was never her favorite part of her well checks, but it was never an anxiety inducing part either, it just was and it was done and over and we all moved on. As she has gotten older, her anxiety has grown considerably whenever well checks are mentioned.

We don’t always get the flu shot, but last year we all had to have it based on the recommendations of my ob since I was pregnant with Asa during flu season. We decided to get mine and Hannah’s flu shots together and let me tell you…the entire store knew Hannah was getting a shot. She knew ahead of time, before we even left for the pharmacy that we would be getting a shot and she seemed ok but as we walked into the store she started to hyperventilate and cry. I just don’t even know where this anxiety came from to be honest with you, we have never held her down to force a shot, and we have always talked to her about why we get immunizations and how they help to prevent a lot of people from getting sick.

When we finally made it to the pharmacy counter and asked for our flu shots, she was in full blown panic mode. No amount of bribery or snuggles helped to calm her. One of the great things is that Walgreens makes it really easy - no appointments are needed, you just show up when its convenient for you and most insurance is accepted.  Walgreens also will report back to your primary physician about what vaccinations you received. I asked Hannah if she wanted to watch me get my shot first to see that it really was not a big deal and she said she did. I put on my biggest smile and got my shot and she calmed down long enough to watch but as soon as I was done and she realized it was her turn she flipped out again.

The pharmacist was fantastic and was trying his best to sooth Hannah’s fears even telling her a story about an older teenage boy who had cried even harder than she was before he got his shot! That made Hannah giggle and set her at ease a bit, but what really worked to get her mind off what was about to happen was that we had gotten her a little something but had it in a paper bag so she couldn’t see it and had no idea what it could be. So she had to guess and that kept her mind busy long enough that the pharmacist was able to give her the shot and slap the band aid on it while she was contemplating what could possibly be in that bag!

Success! We found something that worked really well and hopefully the next time Hannah needs her next round of vaccinations it will still work! I really love the Walgreens #GiveaShot program because it helps provide life saving vaccines through the United Nations Foundation, this program is aimed at school age children 7 and up.  #collectivebias


  1. Good idea. I'll have to try this with my son. Maybe if he thinks Legos are in the bag we'll get through the shots with less resistance.

    1. Thanks, Erica! I hope it's helpful for you and your son! If I had thought to do this sooner it might have saved us a lot of frustration and anxiety. Good luck!

  2. Great idea! My oldest and youngest are both fine with shots, but my middle child... My mom took her for me one time for her check-up and said, "I didn't realize she turned into King Kong when she got shots!" she said it took like 4 nurses to hold her down, lol!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this important program! #GiveaShot

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