Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shaving Changed My Life...Honestly

Hello lovelies!  Today I want to talk to you about something that we all do...shaving.

Now, I know, you are all probably thinking 'way to be dramatic, Chrissy, how could shaving possibly change your life'.  Let me elaborate...

Before I got married and had my daughter, I would spend hours on myself getting ready...taking my time to pamper myself. I would spend 30 minutes in the shower, exfoliating, shaving, doing hair masks and the whole 9 yards. After my shower I would take as much time as I wanted on styling my hair and doing my makeup, putting lotion on my whole body. I felt good about myself and was super confident. Then I got married and got pregnant right away. I started sleeping 20 hours a day during my first trimester and that of course meant the super long showers and hours to get ready went out the window. Once Hannah was born my life as I knew it was over and all of my time was consumed by being Hannah's mama. I was lucky to get a shower a few times a week and when I did, shaving and taking a bunch of time was usually the very last thing I wanted to do.

This was my SOTD today, love my Pink Moustache from
Sharp Ladies Shaving and Petal Pusher Fancies
Fast forward a few years to when Hannah started school. I thought this would be MY time, she will be in school for 3 hours a day and that would be a great time for me to spend on myself, getting back into a habit of pampering myself and all those things I used to do that I missed so much. Well, school started and while I did spend a little more time on myself, I wasn't spending the kind of time I used to because there was still so much I had to do around the house and things like that before I had to pick her up from school. Finally, after a couple of years of Hannah being in school, I hit my groove and started really getting back into spending time on my hair and makeup every day. But I still wasn't taking time to shave because it was such a chore. I didn't enjoy it. Part of it was the cost of the replacement cartridges. Those damn things are so expensive!! When you are on a tight budget, that is simply not something I am willing to spend money on when it comes down to being able to spend more on clothes or things my daughter needs. So I would go a month or more between shaves. My poor husband! haha

Right when I had hit my groove, doing makeup and hair everyday and feeling really good about myself again, I found out I was pregnant with Asa. Yes, that means it took me 8 years to realize I matter too. That life is not just all about doing for your children. Shocking, I know. All through my pregnancy with Asa, I tried to keep up my routine of spending time on myself and doing makeup and all that, and I was pretty successful. Shaving still was not on my agenda, though mostly because I couldn't reach my legs! I think I shaved maybe 3 times the whole pregnancy...don't judge me!

My husbands Vintage 1900's Gillette
After Asa's birth I did start shaving more frequently, mostly because I was so happy that I COULD reach again! A couple of months ago my husband started talking to me about his interest in vintage safety razors and wet shaving. I knew nothing about wet shaving or safety razors or shaving soaps. I was really apprehensive to even consider using anything different than a traditional cartridge razor so my husband asked if he could shave my legs for me using his vintage 1900's Gillette double edge, open comb safety razor. I said sure, since I love being pampered by my man, so he set everything up and shaved my legs. It was fantastic!

There are a few differences between cartridge shaving and safety razor shaving - one of the biggest is that you just let the razor glide along your skin with no pressure when you use a safety razor. For those of us with sensitive skin I have found that using a safety razor is a lot more gentle on my skin because I'm not using a lot of pressure to push the razor onto my skin to get a good close shave or having to repeat the same spot multiple times. Another big difference is cost. The initial cost up front to get a starter kit which usually includes a brush, safety razor and shaving soap can run you around $50, but a pack of blades costs less than $5 and will last you quite a while. In the long run you are saving a lot of money because the replacement cartridges for disposable razors are anywhere from $15 - $20 bucks just for 4 refills!

My Mother's Day gift

Let's get down to the reason I say shaving changed my life - aside from the things I already mentioned, when you shave with a safety razor you have to slow down and take your time. Really focus on yourself. This is what has changed my life. After that first time my husband shaved my legs with his safety razor he bought me my own kit for Mother's Day. I got an Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor (it's PINK!), an WSP brush, pre-shave cream, shave soap, after shave lotion,and blades from a local shop called Razor Emporium. The first time I shaved on my own, using my new products and razor - it was heaven. I took a nice long, warm shower and exfoliated my legs really well and when I got out of the shower I setup everything to shave. I sit at my vanity in the bathroom, so I'm nice and comfortable and I take my time to pamper myself and just be by myself. I don't rush through because one of the kids are crying - their dad is with them, he can handle it! I always feel 100% better, not just physically because I have soft and smooth skin again, but mentally because I've taken at least an hour to just be with myself and take good care of me. I am WORTH that hour of solitude and I deserve to be pampered and feel amazing in my own skin. I always leave the bedroom after I've taken this time to myself, in a much happier and confident mood than when I first went in...and we all know, if mama ain't happy...ain't nobody happy!

So, just to clarify...shaving has changed my thinking about my own value and that, my friends, has changed my entire life.


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