Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Younique 3d Mascara - Lashes for days!

I received this product to sample as part of this review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.

Hello beauties!  I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming today and I'm sharing with you my thoughts on Younique 3d Fiberlash Mascara.

Lashes for days!
I am sure that everyone has heard about this product by now, I have no less than a handful of friends or family who now sell Younique makeup and every single one of them raves about the Younique brand as a whole, but in particular this amazing mascara that is supposed to be so good you won't ever need to wear false lashes.  One of my friends reached out to me and asked if I would review this mascara for the blog and share her website where you can order your own mascara - Jenn's Younique page.  If you do choose to order from Jenn, be sure to let her know I sent you!

Jenn says:

I also do offer FREE local delivery of the 3D fiber lash mascara, and FREE shipping to first time customers. I have plenty in stock. $32 delivered or shipped. We also just released some really cool new products as of today, 9/1. Eyeliners, lip liners, an amazing eye serum.
So, now that the business part of things is done, let's get down to the mascara!!

Here's the deal, I took pictures with no mascara, one coat of my favorite (of the moment) mascara - Urban Decay's Perversion and then with Younique 3d fiber lash mascara.

Top photo is my natural lashes with NO mascara.  Middle photo is my Urban Decay Perversion mascara.  Bottom photo is using the Younique 3d fiber lash mascara, 1 coat.

Top photo is natural lashes with no mascara.  Bottom photo is Younique 3d fiber lash mascara

When I first started hearing about this mascara, I was not a fan - total honesty is what you'll get from me!  I thought it looked super clumpy and spidery and I just don't like that look for myself.  So I really didn't want to try the mascara.  After all, this is what I was seeing on every person who was wearing this mascara, so it couldn't just be all those women like that look it had to be the mascara?!

Eventually though, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  The worst that could happen is I wouldn't like it at all or I could try it and decide that I really like it.

I've had the mascara for a couple of weeks now and have worn it quite a lot.  Definitely enough to form a solid opinion on it ;)

My opinion is that I really like it overall.  I like the length and volume I get when I wear it.  It is not clumpy or spidery when I apply 1-3 coats.  Anymore than that and it starts to get clumpy and spidery in my experience.  My biggest complaint is that I have found there tends to be a lot of 'fallout' from the fibers not adhering to my lashes completely.  Otherwise, I really do like this mascara and would definitely consider purchasing more when mine is gone!

Thanks Jenn for giving me the opportunity to test out this fantastic mascara!!


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