Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Obligatory White Girl Fall Post

*I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are 100% mine and are completely honest.

Yep I totally went there! haha

We all know that every blogger and their favorite barista's sisters nephews cousin has done a blog post on their Fall Favorites or Fall Must Haves or something to do with Fall...amiright or amiright? So, consider this my obligatory white girl fall post!

Like most bloggers girls, I am in love with the Fall and all the fall things...football, cooler weather, apple picking, sweaters, boots, all things pumpkin...but I'm not gonna talk about any of that stuff. Today I'm gonna talk about my love of decorating for the season!

A home decor post, yay!

I don't go all crazy and replace all of my decor for each season, but there are a few areas that I like to change up at different times of the year. On the same note, I, like a lot of people don't have crazy amounts of cash just laying around that I can blow on home decor, so I try to make my dolla's count. One of my favorite places to find seasonal home decor at a decent price is Ross. I can't even tell you the amount of money I have spent in that store on not only home decor but also clothing my family. LOVE me some Ross!!

Anyhoo, back to the home decor I was talking about...some of the things I like to get are candles. Different sizes, shapes and glass colors that I can group on my mantle are a fun way I like to decorate. I use candles as accent pieces with vases, clocks, lamps or even picture frames. One of my recent purchases was this delicious smelling (vanilla bean) candle. I love the screw top and the twine wrapped around it.

Another fun way to change up the look of a room for the changing seasons is to change your window dressing...curtains, y'all, I'm talking about curtains. I have been looking for just the right pair of curtains for Asa's room since....well, since before he was born and I finally (FINALLY!!!) found what I wanted at Ross. Do not even ask me why I didn't think of looking there first, but finally I found what I wanted and they were so inexpensive compared to other stores I had looked at, I mean I would have had to pay double what I paid at any of the other 4 stores I checked. I basically got 2 panels for the price that all the other stores wanted for 1 panel. Ridiculous! So, I grabbed a curtain rod and these charcoal curtains for Asa's room and it completely changed the look and feel of his room and I absolutely love them.

Of course, it just wouldn't be fall without checking out all the Halloween decor while I was at it, sad to say I haven't bought much Halloween decor mainly because we are never home on Halloween so I hate to decorate when we won't be home to enjoy it. But I do still love to look and see what fun stuff they have in the way of ghosts and goblins and witches oh my!

Do you change your home decor each season? Where is your favorite place to shop for seasonal items?


  1. So funny that you went there! I do like how candles welcomes the scents of the season and your charcoal curtains does compliment your room! I just linked up for the first time! Thank you for co-hosting! www.thepaintedtableboutique.blogspot.com


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