Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY- Photo Backdrop

Hello lovelies!  Welcome back to another DIY Tuesday ;)  Let's get crafty up in herr...haha

So, in a past life (ok, it only seems like it was a past life, it was actually only a couple of years) I was a photographer.  I mainly photographed women in boudoir sessions, but I love looking at all kinds of photography.  As a mom, I have lots of occasions to photograph my kids, birthday parties, school parties, holiday parties...lots and lots of parties.  One of the things that I have been thinking about lately is my daughters 10th birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks (ack! How did she get to be 10 already?!).  I don't have a real theme I'm working with yet, but I thought a great place to start would be a photo backdrop for her and her friends to get their model on and give me a chance to get some fun pictures of them at the party.

Enter, this week's DIY project!  

So, the supplies you'll need are: 8 rolls of streamers (in whatever colors you choose, I found these double packs at the dollar store!) and a tablecloth (also from the dollar store)

Total out of pocket cost for this project: $5

I used my photography equipment (backdrop stand) and clamps, but you could easily attach this to a wall instead if you don't have a stand.  I clamped the tablecloth to the stand to keep it nice and secure before I started attaching the streamers.

 Next, I got to take out some aggression on these helpless streamers.  I tore them into pieces that are about as tall as I am (5'5") or taller in some cases, figuring that if they were as tall as me, they would be plenty tall for the kids.

The last step in the project is the most time consuming, actually attaching each single streamer to the tablecloth!  I used tape, but I'm sure you could do it a number of ways.  

Here is the finished product!  So inexpensive, yet so fun and festive!  You could make one for New Years Eve if you host a big bash, or one for Valentine's Day, St Patricks Day...you could really make one for every holiday if you wanted and it would be so fun for the kids especially to do a 'photoshoot' with this cool background.

Of course, no photoshoot is complete for my daughter until she has had her Vogue moment and strikes her signature pose! hahaha  I have no idea where she gets it from ;)

Let me know if you decide to try this fun DIY project, I would love to see the pics you take with your new photo backdrop.


  1. Beautiful! Would be super fun for to make for birthday parties!


  2. I love this!!! I actually have always done the streamers backdrop for baby showers and birthday parties. It's so fun, easy and cheap... and not to mention, looks amazing. Your photos came out awesome!!!!


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