Monday, October 13, 2014

Falling into Nails

See what I did there?! ;)

I know, another fall themed post, come on crazy white girl...enough with the fall themed stuff!

Aaannnyywhooo...let's talk nails. And mani's. Or pedi's if you wanna go that route...

Many of us try to stick to what's on trend when choosing what colors to wear, we want to look fashionable and keep things in season and nail polish is no exception. I have recently started trying to do my own manicures a little more detailed than I have in the past, using colors I normally wouldn't or even trying nail art that I have no idea how to do.

Did my nails and decided to try some new nail art techniques I recently saw on YouTube. I like the bow but the diamond is harder to do than it looked! #nails #nailart #mani #manicure #sparkle #glitter

Supplies I use when giving myself an at home mani are: cuticle remover by Sally Hansen, OPI Base Coat, Sinful Colors Top Coat, a little mini bottle of cuticle oil (can't remember the brand), nail files,clippers, nail polish remover (I'm pretty sure this is straight acetone) and a brush for cleanup and then the colors I was using for this particular mani.

I generally am not a fan of gold, but I really feel like gold is a fantastic color for fall and I think the gunmetal is a great color to compliment the gold. Plus, gunmetal is one of my all time favorite colors for my nails.

Some of the best fall colors I think are golds, oranges, yellows and I'm really loving metalics right now, here are a few by Julep that I think are absolutely perfect for fall.

This mani that I rocked last week is this bright cherry red by Essie called She's Pampered that came in my September Glossybox and Essie power clutch. I feel like this is a really strong, powerful mani and I gotta tell you I really felt extra confident with these nails. The formula of these Essie polishes are really nice and pretty opaque with the first coat but I have two coats plus a base and top coat.

My current mani I am OBSESSED with: navy and silver. OMG. I just cannot even handle how much I adore this combo!! Navy is Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in sapphire flare and the silver glitter is Julep Mila. I love love love this combination!!

What combinations are you loving for fall?


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