Monday, November 3, 2014

Red Apple Lipstick

*I received samples of these lip products in exchange for my review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Hello lovelies!  Today I have an review of Red Apple Lipstick, if you've never heard of this brand, you need to check them out.  Red Apple Lipstick products are gluten free and paraben free, in other words - totally safe.  Red Apple Lipstick was started in 2007 and in that time have become the number one trusted gluten free cosmetics company.

A couple of the best thing about this brand:

this brand is made in the USA
their customer service is top notch.  very on top of making their customers happy. 
 this includes a 100% money back guarantee within 160 days of your purchase.
they don't test on animals

Now, let's get on with the actual review of the product, shall we?

Firstly:  The packaging is cute.  The products arrived to me in a cute little drawstring bag and then each of the products was wrapped in tissue paper.

The actual product packaging is pretty and the lid to the gloss feels like that soft, almost rubbery texture.  It's easy to grip and doesn't feel like your hand will slip off if you've just applied lotion.

The color is gorgeous, as you can see, and the name of the collection tells you that it's going to be minty.  It's not overwhelming though, just a nice minty scent but it doesn't make my lips tingle or burn from the mint, it's not unpleasant and the scent goes away fairly quickly.  It is not overly sticky and while not completely opaque, it does give a nice color to the lips.

The packaging of the lipstick is very sleek, it comes in an all black tube with the bottom of the tube having a textured pattern that adds interest to an otherwise plain black tube.

 The lipstick itself is super creamy and feels very moisturizing on the lips.  I didn't have to reapply for at least 4 hours and that was eating and drinking during that time frame.  There was a nice color payoff, not totally opaque, but not sheer at all.

Final thoughts:  Overall, I really enjoy this lipstick and gloss.  The formula is really nice, it's easy to work with and doesn't leave my lips feeling dry. The packaging is cute and extremely functional with the textures that help your fingers to grip the tubes.  The range of products that Red Apple Lipstick makes extends beyond just lip products.  They also make mascara, eye shadows, lip pencils, eyeliner and a lip exfoliant.  The color range of the lipsticks is extensive so you are sure to find a shade that works well for you.  If you are looking for a makeup line that is gluten and paraben free, I would highly recommend giving Red Apple Lipstick a try.


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