Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My 10 Year Old Wears Victoria's Secret Panties

So I have a confession...this post has been sitting in my draft posts for 2 years. The title was originally My 8 year old wears VS panties. No joke. Why have I not just posted it before now? Aside from life just got really crazy? I'm not really sure. So, here we are 2 years later and it is time to hit publish.

Oh Victoria you sure don't have many Secrets left, honey.

I know that some people won't really get why I buy my daughter Victoria's Secret panties and that's ok, you don't have to get it.

For the longest time, Hannah has had a hard time with the textures of clothing against her skin. She's never been diagnosed with anything like Sensory Processing Disorder or anything else under the label of 'special needs', but I believe she does have a sensory issue that we've dealt with her entire life. There is a definite switch that happens in her when she tries on clothing that feels ok and when something doesn't work for her. She loses her mind. When I say she loses her mind, what I mean is that she completely loses her ability to cope rationally with what's happening. If something doesn't feel right against her skin, she goes into absolute hysterical freakout mode instead of just taking that piece of clothing off. It's like the easiest solution doesn't make sense to her mind at that moment.

Over the years, we have tried every brand of panties from stores like Walmart and Target, but it was hit or miss on whether she'd actually wear them. Either the elastic on the thighs and waist didn't feel right or the actual material wasn't soft enough. It was a huge struggle. Finally, I had bought her some DKNY panties at Costco and it was like a whole new world. She had zero issues, she loved them because they were so soft and there was no rough elastic. Try as I might a few months later when it was time for new panties, I couldn't find those same panties, so I decided a trip to Victoria's Secret was in order.

Now, yes, my daughter was 8 years old when we started buying her panties at VS. The biggest reason we started shopping at VS for her panties is the sensory issue. The Victoria's Secret panties are just the softest I've found. We have had zero issues over panties since she's started wearing them. Obviously I don't buy her the sexy panties, the lace, thong and cheeky panties are off limits. She gets the same style that we would get in a Walmart or Target from like Hanes, the only difference is they are so much softer.

On top of the actual panties being a better fit for her senses, it makes my daughter feel special when we go to Victoria's Secret and she gets to pick out cute and comfy panties. Who wouldn't like picking out new panties when they come in such fun designs and colors?! If this is what it takes to help Hannah through a sensory issue, I'm totally ok with it.

I've learned over the last 10 years what works for her and what doesn't. It definitely doesn't mean that I don't have moments of frustration when we are in a dressing room and she tries something on and then goes into freak out mode. In my head, the most rational thing is to just take that item off if it doesn't feel right, but to her, that is not her first instinct and so I try to just calmly get her out of whatever clothing is bothering her right away to minimize the meltdown.

If you've got a special needs kid, what are some things you've found to help you both cope?


  1. Such a great idea! I think it's wonderful that you found a solution that not only helps, but makes her happy too! What girl doesn't like pretty panties!? :) I have a special needs kid, so I think the fact that you know your daughter so well and found a way for her to cope is awesome!


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