Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Glitter Glass

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Hello Hello!!  Today I'm sharing a fun craft.  It's got glitter so it's sparkly and shiny and pretty but it's also great because it's made reusing some material.  My family is very big on recycle-reduce-reuse.  We try to reduce our footprint where we can.  One of the ways we do that is by recycling papers and plastics and things like that around the house. We go through a lot of batteries in our house...things like baby toys, Wii remotes, the mouse for the computer. We also reuse and repurpose whatever we can and that is where the craft comes in that I'm sharing now.

First, I take a candle that is burned down to the wick.  I boil some water, pour it into the glass and let it sit.  After the water cools, the wax will float to the top letting you just pick it out of the glass to throw away.  Clean the glass with soap and water, dry completely and it's ready to use.

Here are the supplies I use: mod podge, glitter (whatever color you want or you can use multiple colors), and gloves

So, throw a glove on and dip a finger in the mod podge and just coat the inside of the glass.  It doesn't have to be completely white, but just enough so that every part of the glass is coated.

Pour in a bit of glitter and roll the glass around to coat the bottom portion of the glass.  Rolling to also get the glitter up the sides of the glass.

Once you've coated the whole inside of the glass it will look like this but you could also do another coat and try to thicken it up to be more opaque.  When you have added as much glitter as you want, you just add another coat of mod podge to seal it, but make sure the first coat you applied (before glitter) is dried or it will make the glitter come off and it will be patchy.

There you have it, a gorgeous glitter container that you can use for storing items or put another candle in, maybe a tea light.  Even if you don't put anything in it and just put it near a soft light you'll have gorgeous shimmery ambiance in whatever room you put it in.

Back to the battery issue...if you are like us and go through so many batteries, it would be nice to know that they are at least made from recycled materials.  I found these new BringingInnovation.net Energizer ecoAdvanced batteries at Walmart on one of my recent trips to get more batteries for the Wii remotes and I snatched them right up.  This is the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries/materials "Energizer's longest lasting alkaline ever" EcoAdvanced batteries are also available in AAA if you need that size.

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  1. Such a great, and gorgeous idea!! I love anything glittery, so I'm definitely going to try this!! Such a great tip about how to get the wax out of the jar! #client

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