Monday, March 2, 2015

Random Snaps

Hello lovelies!  So I haven't shared a whole lot of just random pics here lately, so I thought it was time to go ahead and do just that...I give you - Random Snaps ;)

Am I the only one who has a bajillion selfies on their phone from trying to get that 'perfect' one?!

I am in love with these two pics, the top one Asa is being silly and laughing at his sister and the bottom one he's looking at her like she's done lost her damn mind! haha

These two adore each other.  I am not even kidding.  Love my babies.

My husband is a former drummer, so any chance he gets to go into the nearby music store, he jumps at the chance and hops on any one of the instruments to test them all out.

Nevermind the bunny ears, how stinking adorable is Asa?!  We were at Home Depot and he just grabbed the steering wheel and hung his arm off the side like he'd been driving his whole life.  It was hilarious and so stinking cute!

lol, I do NOT look happy in this top pic!  This was the 'before' I went and got all my hairs chopped off ;)  

And this, is the 'after'.  See, happy girl!  I love my hair right now.  It's really healthy and I love the length.  I'm not getting as many headaches and all that  from the weight of my hair.  It just is really fun and I'm loving it....for now.  lol, We will see how long I last before I decide to grow it back out again which I always do.  Ah well, it is just hair and it does indeed grow back.  ;)

I hope y'all enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me.  I am a bit under the weather as I'm typing this post up so I am off to get some much needed rest now that my kids are in bed asleep!  


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