About Me

Hey y'all! I'm Chrissy, I am married to Sean, who is an amazing man, husband and father. We have been married for 9 years.

I'm a stay at home mom to one beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is 8 years old and getting ready to finish the second grade, which totally freaks me out!

We have a Boxer dog named Summer, she is 3 years old.

I love photography, reading, scrapbooking, traveling, cooking, baking, blogging. I am in love with all things girly and feminine, sparkly and shiny. I have an addiction to lip gloss and rarely leave the house without at least mascara, blush and gloss on.

A Few Things I Love....

Picture frames ♥ Photo albums ♥ Scrapbooks ♥ Jewelry ♥ Pens ♥ The ocean ♥ Painting my toenails ♥ Candles ♥ Flowers ♥ Laughing ♥ Kissing ♥ Being held ♥ Watching my daughter sleep ♥Sleeping ♥ Honeymoons ♥ Weddings ♥ Islands ♥ Shopping ♥ Talking ♥ Concerts ♥ Occasional rain storms ♥ My friends ♥ My family ♥ My baby ♥ My husband ♥ Firemen ♥ Marines ♥ The US of A ♥ The way I feel when my husband puts his hand on the small of my back when we are walking ♥ Banana margaritas ♥ Chimichangas ♥ My cameras ♥ My sassy glasses ♥ Lipgloss ♥ Tattoos ♥ Piercings ♥ Sexy panties ♥ Confidence ♥ intelligence ♥ Flirting ♥ Passion ♥ Hockey ♥ Hot chocolate ♥ Looking at Christmas lights with my hubby and baby singing white Christmas together ♥ Twilight Saga ♥ My pink Ipod ♥ True Blood ♥ Purses ♥

A Few Things I Don't Like...

Bills ♦ Broke down cars ♦ Apartment life ♦ People who don’t mind their business ♦ Disrespectful kids ♦ Ignorant people ♦ Gas prices that keep climbing higher and higher ♦ People who take themselves too seriously ♦ People who think too highly of themselves ♦ Shaving ♦ Dental work ♦ Pap smears ♦ Back injuries ♦ Clutter ♦ People who take advantage of your generosity ♦ Dirty kitchens ♦ Metformin ♦ Rosie odonnell ♦ Hilary Clinton ♦ Fake people ♦ When people mess with my friends or family ♦ Reruns ♦ Bad hair days ♦ Drama ♦ Liars ♦ Negativity ♦ When people ask me for advice or the truth and then get pissed when I give it to them ♦ Abusive people ♦ Pimples ♦ Taxes ♦ Sweating ♦ Parents who let their kids scream in the store…take them outside and deal with them for gods sake! ♦ Celebrities using their ‘fame’ to shove their ‘politics’ down my throat